Losing those extra pounds was never this easy!

Melt away your stubborn fat with non-invasive Cavi Lipo Body Session by VIBHAlife for a limited time offer of $69 (original price $199.00) per session.

VIBHAlife’s Cavi Lipo body session uses an advanced technique which allows us to help you achieve your specific and unique body contouring goals naturally with the use of ultrasonic waves on your stubborn fat cells. The Cavi Lipo body session leads to smooth, tight and toned target areas.

Not just a weight loss technique!

We are not offering just weight loss but we tone your muscles, help you in shedding the stubborn fat form the target areas and sculpt your body to its beautiful and gorgeous version!

VIBHAlife uses Cavi Lipo device in this technique which is completely natural and non-invasive, absolutely comfortable and painless. It is so comforting that you can sleep off through the entire 45 minute session.

4Steps for 1 well-toned and sculpted body

The Cavi Lipo Body Treatment has four most important aspects which are utilizing ultrasonic waves to breakdown the fat cells, its elimination from the body, the removal of the fat cells from the target fat deposits only and a cellulite wrap to further tighten the muscle. Our expert Patti with her years of experience provides the skill to the technique so that your body gets the best treatment it deserves!

How does the Cavi Lipo Body Session work?

Step 1 Comfort: World class ultrasonic technology

The ultrasound targets the fat cells and breaks them down.  The ultrasound waves create bubbles within the cells causing them to literally explode. The clients are awake during the treatment and there is no pain or no uncomfortable effect.

Step 2 Remove: Drainage of the fat cells

The broken down fat cells are removed from the lymphatic system. The lymph and an increased intake of water help in flushing out the broken down cells from the body.

Step 3 Relax: Massage to enhance the body session

The massage along with imparting the ultrasonic waves further helps in the removing the unwanted fat by product from the body.

Step 4 Toning: Customized essential oil wrap

After the Cavi Lipo Session, A body wrap or cellulite wrap along with an essential oil is applied which works to further tighten the muscle group resulting in a well-toned and sculpted appearance.

You still not convinced?
Check out the Cavi Lipo video from Dr. Oz show

The Cavi Lipo is very popular in other states and it came to Minnesota recently

Call Patti (952-892-7787) now to book an appointment or for any queries. We are always there to help you in your endeavor to reveal a better version of yourself!