Micro-current or Cavi-lipo? That is the question

Every couple of months a new machine comes out with faster and better results than the previous machine. Companies use big words to try and make their products sound ‘Elite’ and the best option out there. Truth of the matter is: each treatment has different strengthens and benefits. It is just a matter of finding the best treatment plan to suit you and your needs. This article will help you decide if Micro-current body treatments or Cavi-lipo treatments are best suited for you.

cavi or microcurrent
Micro-current are great treatments to have done on your body. They non-invasive, result driven and they almost heal your body by using your body’s own tools to do so. Micro-current body treatments helps give your body that lift that you desire as well as you can target specific areas you wish to treat without going under the knife. Micro-current treatments help with cellulite, spot reducing in specific body locations, toning and shaping of the muscles as well as helps tighten lose or wrinkled skin. The treatment is simple and comes with no recorded side effects. You do not feel any pain during the treatment, there is no redness visible on the skin. Changes to your body are gradual not drastic. This allows your body to look more natural and not like you have just had a surgical procedure. The treatment takes about an hour and you will need to do the treatment as often as recommended, depending on your treatment plan. Normally is it twice a week for 6 weeks and then once a month for maintenance. Your therapist will apply a conductive gel to your skin before applying the probes and current. The gel might be a bit cold but other than that, you won’t feel anything. 

Cavi-lipo on the other hand is something completely different. For many years, people have been worrying about their weight and struggling to get it under control however, they cannot afford Liposuction or they do not want to go through a surgical procedure to help their condition. Cavi-lipo is a non-invasive liposuction treatment that uses Ultrasound to treat cellulite as well as adipose tissue or fat tissues. Basically, the ultrasound fields create a certain amount of pressure in the fat cells, and gradually cause the cells to implode at a certain size. The cells cannot stand the vibrations and they break down but the best part is, it does not damage the vascular, muscle or nervous system. The treatment lasts a mere 30 minutes and most people say it feels therapeutic and relaxing. Clients are advised to have up to 12 treatments with intervals in-between. 

To conclude, the method of treatment depends on what you want to be treated and what you can afford. Micro-current works on the tissues and helps lift the body. It improves the blood and lymph circulation in your body and the results are gradual but look natural. Whereas Cavi-lipo helps reduce fat cells and tones the muscles. Results more often than none can be seen straight away however some clients only see results two or three treatments in. Cavi-lipo is a non-invasive liposuction procedure. Please remember that none of these methods are quick fixes. Both require a healthy lifestyle and diet to maintain the optimal results


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