Micro-needling as an anti-aging treatment

As we know aging means growing old or moving toward old age. The signs of aging comprises of many physical and psychological changes such as having cardiovascular problems, loss of weight, weakness of bones and joints, less efficient memory, eye sight and hearing problem, grey hair and skin problems.

Here we will be focusing on the signs of aging related with the face and treatment for it. The facial aging signs such as face loses elasticity, skin sags, forehead lines deepen, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation etc. The major cause of aging is “oxidative stress” which is the damage of proteins and lipids. Anti-aging means precautions the individual take to cover or manage the signs of anti-aging. Often people uses expensive treatments to remove the signs of aging and look younger e.g. laser treatment, plastic surgery, creams and lotions etc. but they have worse side effects which damages the other cells of the skin and generates a new problem. It is estimated that anti-aging marketing is protruding to be almost $200 billion by 2019 (report by market research firm Transparency market research). For this purpose we are introducing a new treatment or therapy for anti-aging which is micro-needling therapy (collagen induction therapy or percutaneous collagen induction).

What is micro-needling?
Micro-needling therapy consists of a device containing a needle which triggers the natural collagen and elastin which results the tightening of the skin, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines or scars etc. Many dermatologists and skin treatment experts are offering micro-needling therapy for the nourishment of skin and using as anti-aging treatment. Nonsurgical procedures and treatments in the cosmetic aesthetic industry are on the rise by 13% with 9.5 million procedures in 2013. Micro-needling activity evolves a fine needle which punctures the skin and work as a natural healing for skin. Dr. Manish a dermatologist has suggested that micro-needling has been practicing from many years (nearly 20 years) but in different forms. But the latest technology brought advances in the micro-needling therapy such as platelet rich plasma which is more powerful and effective.

Micro-needling used for which purposes?
Well micro-needling is effective for many skin problems whether they are minor such as an acne or major such as a skin disorder e.g. rosacea. We are adverting some of them e.g. stretch marks, acne or acne scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, anti-aging effects, chickenpox scars or ice picks, cellulite reduction, blackheads or white heads, sagging, pigmentation, under eye intumescent bags and hair loss etc.

How it works as an anti-aging?
Micro needling elicits the natural collagen and elastin so it helps in the reduction and prevention of wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, acne and other signs of the aging related with the skin. It is chemical free so it has minimum side effects or in other words rarely has side effects. Micro needling is not an expensive treatment nor it requires office or clinical settings so it easier for anyone to perform at home with precautions. Micro-needling should be done after two to three weeks or after months depending on problem so it is not a hectic for a person to be punctual and have worries for an appointment.

What is the procedure of micro-needling?
The dermatologist or skin professionals first apply the absorbent material such as hyaluronic acid which numbs the skin. This therapy is harmless and painless but numbness is preferred by many doctors otherwise it felts like tiny pinpricks. After this the doctor moves the needling device over the skin and these needles make fine holes for the anti-aging ingredients. Needling can be result in a minor bleeding and skin becomes red or pink but skin natural collagen and elastin works as healing mechanism or mostly dermatologists also puts serum over the skin to reduce the redness of the skin. After sometime usually 48 to 72 hours the skin starts rising and results can be apparent to the consumer or patient. Micro-needling is high octane treatment for wrinkles, pores on the nose and neck lines etc.

Instructions for micro needling
Before undergoing the procedure make sure that you don’t have any lesions or active acne or wounds etc. because it will inflamed that area and spread the bacteria all over the skin. Don’t use micro-needles when u have eczema, herpes, fungal infection, inflammation, poor healing mechanism or wounds etc. before administering at home it is necessary to visit any doctor and have a proper checkup.

Usefulness of the micro-needling therapy?
Micro-needling is more helpful in skin treatments and especially in anti-aging therapies. It shows results in shorter period of time and many dermatologists recommend it for its effectiveness. It is tolerable and acceptable treatment by the patients. It is very long lasting treatment as collagen last for one or more years. For anti-aging micro-needling can be used with vitamin C serum and life cell.

Side effects of the micro-needling therapy?
As every product also have some side effects but it will good to know for you that this treatment has minimal side effects as compare to other expensive treatments. Some of its side effects include itchiness, redness of the skin, swelling, immediately exposure to the sun after micro-needling leads to pigmentation, skin drying up and roughing, rashes, skin infections or cold cores etc. but if proper instructions should followed then these side effects minimizes.

Precautions after micro-needling therapy?
Some precautions should be taken after the micro-needling treatment for better consequences. Don’t take any inflammatory medicines, use medical provider in 48 or 72 hours after this treatment, you can use a good mesmerizer and sun protection cream, don’t use exfoliates or glycolic acids as they make skin dry and use bottle water to wash your skin in 48 hours.

Micro-needling is a very effective therapy for an anti-aging as it treats all those problems which an individual usually face. It has more benefits than side effects and have good report than other treatments. After reading, you will also make plan for going through it.

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