Micro-needling at home

Every kind of treatment to anti-aging are highly expensive and many people hardly afford them. Some of the products that are in the market these days might include Laser treatment and Injectable, which are very costly and for the treatment when you have to visit your beautician/aesthetician, your bank account will be hit hard. There is now a way to make your skin healthy again and that with the product which is better and could be used at home and that way is “micro-needling”.


Micro-needling and its use
Those of you who do not know what micro-needling is, the term might be a little terrifying. It has been also called dermarolling. Micro-needling is accessible at your dermatologist’s or beautician’s office as well as at home. The tool, dermaroller, is like a paint roller except it has tiny needles all over it that is why it’s named as micro-needling. The reason why many people would freak out by hearing its name and by looking at it but the device has been in the market since early 2000s and its work is as same as that of Laser treatment.

To use it, it should be rolled over the skin which in return does two things; at first, it penetrates the products, mainly serum as it is the most viscous one, through the tiny needles. Secondly, it produces small injuries that tells the brain to turn into repair mode due to which the body sends the collagen to the epidermis which is a main and very important building block of smooth and healthy skin. The more the collagen, the better the skin.

Is it Safe or Unsafe at Home?
Using micro-needling therapy at home is different from that performed in aesthetician’s office. The tiny needles on the derma-roller are different on home use tool, under 1mm while the needles are typically 1 to 3mm on surgical derma-roller. The purposes of both are also different.

The home derma-roller is designed in a way that it requires no numbing of the skin and is totally pain-free. It creates passages through the skin by its micro-needling without any pain so that ingredients of skincare product like Vitamin C and Retinol can reach the skin’s depths effectively.
On the other hand, many skin conditions are treated with the surgical derma-roller like the wrinkles on the neck, arms, legs and face. It also treats the acne scars varying from shallow to deep. It requires numbing of the area to be treated because of the needle length and it is expensive than the derma-roller for home use.

Experts agree that using this appliance at home reduces the risks of getting skin infections and that it is not safe at all to use devices that has needle size more than 1mm as they might cause scars on skin or any other damage to the skin.

How to use it?
Like all devices, micro-needle comes with package instructions and you have to do simply what it says but before using your derma-roller, you should take some precautionary measures. The environment in which you will be using the device should be as sterilized as possible. Put the device in a cup filled with alcohol, needle side down, meanwhile wash your hands and face thoroughly then dry your skin but don’t apply anything on it, not even serum or vitamins. Starting from forehead, roll the derma-roller gently horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Don’t press hard but apply the light pressure or even moderate. Before changing the direction of roller, stop rolling completely and then start rolling on the opposite direction. Use the device in a same way on the rest of the areas; cheeks, lips, arms etc. After you are done, wash the areas with cold water and then dry with clean cloth. Then apply vitamin C and after 5minutes apply anti-aging moisturizer. In the end, clean the derma-roller with very hot water and leave it so that it dries.

When to see the Results
While needling, there might be some redness on the skin but that is normal as in few hours, the redness fades away. In order to see the results, you should wait for four sessions at least. It varies from person to person, some might have to use it for months to see the results depending on the skin of the person and the degree of damage. It needs patience but eventually the results are evident.

Precautionary measures while using derma-roller
Every device comes with some kind of dangers, there could be side effects to using micro-needle without some precautions:
• Before using your roller, make sure that it’s clean. Otherwise, it can lead bacteria into the skin causing infection or inflammation
• As the roller is made of plastic so don’t use hot water to clean it as it can damage the roller and neither use spray bottle to clean the roller as it will be ineffective in doing so
• If your skin is not clean before using the derma-roller, the dirt, oil and other impurities might enter your skin as the roller creates many passages in the skin
• The derma-roller intensify the absorption of the products so, make sure that you know the ingredients of the product and their effects that you will be applying on your skin and do not use it just after the treatment
• There shouldn’t be more than one treatment a day as it will increase the redness of the skin, temporary marks of needle and slow recovery

The micro-needling or derma-roller is the efficient, effective and not so expensive mode of skin care. With fewer precautionary measures, it is safe to use it at home daily and it produces amazing results in a short period of time.

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