Microcurrent Facelift – Is it too good to be true?

Celebrities and Oprah have popularized the Microcurrent face lifts and added a zing to it which was so far lacking! The instant glow and the claims of being natural also work in its favor. The natural therapies have always given good results which are persistent in nature. But, they lag far behind in clinical approval. Is surgery the only way out?

microcurrent probes

Is the injection of chemicals in heavy doses the only alternative for a youthful glow? There are many natural therapies working to stimulate and enhance the natural physiology of human body and bringing results which can be visually perceived through a glowing, toned and tightened skin and fresh look. All these natural therapies are more holistic in nature. Some of these too good to be true therapies are discussed here.

Color therapy
The use of colors in providing therapeutic results! It dates back thousands of years and finds mention in ancient texts and scriptures of India, China and Egypt. The principle behind this is that each color is a specific wavelength which carries specific information for the cells. A complex array of colors is then applied and it stimulates the natural healing system of the body. Color therapy not only balances and regulates but also enhances the body’s chakras or energy centers by using the colors of light spectrum.

Color therapy has been used successfully as the solo form of treatment or as a complementary therapy with some other therapy; it is safe and effective and can be used by clients of all age groups. The most interesting feature of color therapy is that it can also be used for a spiritual, emotional or physical healing. So by telling the professional expert your color preferences you are actually telling him the imbalance of colors in you. Research has shown that colors have remarkable healing benefits. The sessions at a spa or an Ayurvedic or natural therapy center not only heal you but also provide you complete mental relaxation

Microcurrent facial lifts
Sometimes also referred to as bio ultimate face lifts these are also 100 per cent natural. Microcurrent reeducates the muscle memory of the facial muscles. As an effect of lack of exercise and aging the muscles tend to sag. These muscles are firmed up delivering different waveforms and frequencies to the face through silver probes to stimulate the muscles and the underlying tissues. The instant results obtained after the first therapy don’t last if the therapy is not followed up as muscle reeducation needs time and repetition.

The type of frequency and the waveforms which are chosen, the order in which these are done and the duration of therapy all influence the final results. The maintenance or the booster sessions required depend on the age of the client and the condition of her skin. A point worth mentioning here is that only true Microcurrent can bring about the increase in the production of cellular energy and not a stronger current or a dampened current. Microcurrent electroaccupuncture is a non-needle incorporation of two natural techniques to bring relief and activate the rehabilitation of the damaged area.

There is a very fine intricate network linking all the cells, tissues, muscles and organs of the body. This network is almost at our fingertips so that the lightest of stimulation given by professional experts will travel to the deepest levels of the body through this complicated mesh. There are about 12 meridians and various accupoints along each meridian are classified. When some points are stimulated with the help of sterile, disposable needle with a diameter that of the single strand of a hair these points get together to tonify or let energy into a depleted meridian. This helps in balancing the body which generates a strong, steady source of energy flowing. The acupuncture healing therapy is also absolutely natural. The sessions are very relaxing and rejuvenating in themselves.
An interesting fact is that out of the 12 meridian properties 8 are located on the face!

Natural face lift massage
It is linked to Ayurveda which believes that massage is an essential tool for health and beauty. It is an ideal treatment therapy for those who believe in the natural treatments. The massage aims at releasing tension from the skin and balance the energy. This brings a deep sense of relaxation on the whole body and the face instantly shows noticeable effects. The massages are aimed at systemic massage of over 90 face and the muscles of the neck. This massage activates the acupressure points which stimulate the flow of energy, releases deep seated tension and freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue.

The Ayurvedic smoothing techniques improve the circulation and elimination and the tissues can glide smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone. This entire process smoothed down the wrinkles, makes the skin smoother, softer, improves the skin complexion and skin tone. The difference here is visible after one massage but better results are cumulative in nature.
All these natural therapies are 100 % safe, effective and used in different traditional medicine systems. They have proven their efficacy and benefits over ages and hence the clinical benefits of these therapies cannot be looked over.

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