Microcurrent facial :Simplified

All of us keep hearing about these amazing surgical and other therapeutic modules which can do wonders for your face. They can not only remove your wrinkles but also make you look much lesser than your age.

Microcurrent facial probes
But have you ever wondered what do these therapies actually do to give you those results? They change the normal physiology of your face and body; they intervene in the body’s normal regulatory processes and then bring about those changes. These interventions may show their side effects at some other juncture in the body. And this is the main reason the world today is talking about NATURAL!

There are many natural treatments all of which aim at enhancing the body’s own, natural physiological system and try to cure or eliminate the reason which causes wrinkles, scars, blemishes and other problems. This provides you with long lasting and perfectly safe results. Microcurrent is an age old technique which is gaining immense popularity as the new thing in for a natural, non-surgical and non-invasive face lift. This article delves into the deep recesses of the Microcurrent therapy and gives you a simplified explanation.

Microcurrent: The basics
Collagen (provides strength to the skin), elastin (provides elasticity to the skin), amino acids (building blocks) and ATP (cellular energy) are the main chemicals which are essential for a normal functioning of the healthy skin. In this facial, Microcurrent electricity of different waveforms and frequency are applied to the body and this increases the production and function of these chemicals thus providing a natural vigor to the skin. this stimulation during a Microcurrent session occurs at a cellular level and hence improves the overall look and texture of your skin.

Is it new?
Microcurrent therapy has been developed over 30 years in the US and is approved by US Food and Drug Administration. It has also been approved by New Zealand MedSafe. Practitional reports and researches have reiterated that it has high rate of success when compared with its surgical or invasive counterparts. Initially it began with a medical link being developed as a remedy for facial weakness due to Bell’s palsy and stroke.

Are there side effects?
Well, yes! But all the side effects are positive. Microcurrent when combined with color therapy, have reported based on a number of sessions that there are a few additional benefits along with the obvious ones. These are; (Starwynn, 2005)
• Relief from menstrual cramps.
• Alleviation of menopausal discomfort.
• Loss of weight
• Improvement of depressive state, upliftment of mental status, calm and relaxation
• Digestive discomfort or constipation is eliminated
• Relief from insomnia
• Alleviates fatigue
• A permanent cure for acne which is linked to hormonal imbalance

A treatment session or a spa
During a typical Microcurrent session you can be one with yourself. The esthetician will make you lie down on the massage table and with the help of probes, massages deliver the Microcurrent. The massage technique is governed by the basic principles of acupuncture and Ayurveda massage and hence is deeply relaxing and invigorating. The client does not feel any painful sensation or discomfort during the session. The gentle strokes are powerful enough to tone the muscles, firm the skin and transport the nutrients deep into the cells of the skin.

The red carpet treatment
Microcurrent is the recommended treatment right before any important event such as a function or party. It is popular as a lunchtime lift as it gives instant results and needs no downtime at all! The clients of all age groups can undergo Microcurrent. The younger ones get it done to prevent the unaesthetic signs of ageing while the older ones can get it done to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and enhance skin tone and texture. Even though the effects of Microcurrent are immediate, long lasting effects are cumulative in nature. A series of treatments followed by maintenance and booster sessions are required to maintain the youthful radiance and appearance. After a full treatment session is taken the results are bound to last as long as 5-7 years. Clients of different age groups get the Microcurrent face lift for different reasons and number of sessions.

• 20-30 year old: uses Microcurrent as a preventive approach toward regarding the process of ageing.
• 30-35 years old: after an initial series of 4-6 Microcurrent sessions one session per week is needed as maintenance for about 6-8 weeks.
• 35-40 years old: after an initial series of 6-10 sessions 2 sessions per week for a period of 6-8 weeks is needed as a maintenance session.
• 40-50 years old: Initial series of 8-12 sessions which is then followed by maintenance sessions of 3 sessions per week and later on two sessions per week for 4-8 week.
• 50-60 years old: Initial series of 12 to 15 sessions are followed by a maintenance session of thrice per week for 2 weeks and then twice per week thereafter.
• 60+ years: initial series of 15 sessions per week which is then followed by maintenance session every 4 weeks.

It is worth mentioning here that smokers, sun bathers or clients with a history of toxic substances need maximum number of sessions, almost 15 to 20 sessions.

It is especially beneficial for special occasions and post-surgical facelift to maintain the lift and treat blood stains, scarring and numbness.

Starwynn, D. (2005). Facial Rejuvenation: Good Medicine? Acupuncture Today.

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