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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Microcurrent by our customers.

microcurrent faq
1. What is Microcurrent?
Microcurrent therapy is a non-surgical therapy for the treatment of wrinkles. It is an anti-aging treatment used to reduce or diminish fine lines or wrinkles in face and neck and rejuvenate the skin. In this, very small electrical impulse which is sub sensory in nature and mirroring the electrical impulse present in the cells of the body is given externally with the help of electrodes. This current acts as the stimulus which triggers responses from the cells which tighten the skin and reduce the wrinkles.

2. How does it work?
When the electric current is delivered to the skin, the muscles are stimulated by this secondary and the muscles are re-educated, toned, more energy is produced in the cells, blood flow to the cells is increased and proteins are synthesized. All these bio chemical responses bring about the rejuvenation of the skin.

3. Is it a new technology?
No, it is a very old technology which was initially used for wound healing,treatment of non-union fractures and bone implants during World War II. Later on in 1960’s it was used for the treatment of Bell’s palsy and now a days it is an extremely popular technology to treat skin aging.

4. What type of skin can see improvement with Microcurrent?
Microcurrent therapy is suitable for all skin types.

5. What is the minimum age to get Microcurrent treatment?
You have to be an adult to receive Microcurrent therapy. In young clients Microcurrent treatment works to preserve and maintain the radiance, glow and nourishment of the skin.

6. What is the maximum age to get Microcurrent treatment?
There is no upper age limit to receive Microcurrent treatment. In menopausal women, Microcurrent aims at reducing the wrinkles, toning the skin and rejuvenating overall complexion and texture of the skin.

7. Is more than one session necessary?
Microcurrent therapy is like exercise, if the muscles are not consistently exercised the benefits of initial exercise would go away. Similarly, the treatments are to be done in series followed by regular maintenance treatment. When the initial session is done, ATP or cellular energy is produced in high amounts, if not followed by another treatment this ATP will be depleted. Next session helps in keeping up the stock of ATP in the cells and hence multiple treatment sessions show cumulative effects and as the ATP goes on piling up, the muscle tone goes on increasing.

8. Is Microcurrent treatment painful?
Microcurrent therapy is essentially a painless and non-surgical approach towards the treatment of wrinkles. The electric current is given in sub sensory levels.

9. Who can perform these experiments?
A cosmetologist or an Esthetician can perform this treatment.

10. Is it safe?
Microcurrent is a very safe procedure as it has no side effects. The treatment follows a natural course as the skin and muscles are stimulated to enhance their own healing effect and the effects are produced within the facial contour and structure through muscle re-education and underlying chemical responses.

11. How long will the results last?
With regular maintenance sessions, the result of Microcurrent therapy last for a long time.

12. What happens if I stop using the Microcurrent?
Microcurrent is like an exercise regimen, if you exercise for some time and then stop the positive effects are not retained and your body again becomes unfit. Similarly, the effects of Microcurrent are cumulative. If Microcurrent treatment sessions are not followed up with maintenance sessions, the extra energy (ATP) stored in the cells is replete and the skin starts showing signs of ageing all over again.

13. Is it FDA approved?
Yes the technique of Microcurrent is an FDA approved technique.

14. Are there any medical conditions when Microcurrent should not be used?
Microcurrent therapy should not be undertaken in case of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Melanoma
  • Varicose veins
  • If you have pacemaker

Additional precautions should be taken in case of:

  • Diabetes
  • Acne rosacea
  • Migraine
  • Stroke
  • Bell’s palsy

15. When can I see the results?
The results of Microcurrent therapy are visible as soon as the first session of the therapy is completed. There is no downtime required also.

16. Why Microcurrent?
You should go for Microcurrent because it is a non-invasive therapy, has zero side effects, shows results immediately and is natural means of skin and body rejuvenation. With Microcurrent you can achieve;

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced sagging chin
  • Better complexion and a radiant skin
  • Firm and toned skin
  • Reduced scars and pigmentation
  • Smoothing of stretch marks and cellulite on body
  • Smooth, soft and hydrated skin

17. Is it safe for nursing mothers?
Yes, it is safe for nursing mothers to be given this treatment.

18. Are there any other benefits of Microcurrent treatment?
There are other benefits of Microcurrent other than in age management and weight management. Microcurrent treatment has been used successfully in the management of various types and origin of pain including fibromyalgia, arthritis, neck and back pain, sports related injuries etc. It further shows following other benefits as well:

  • Relief from menopausal symptoms
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Mood elevation

19. Can Microcurrent be used for men? Do they get same benefits as women?
Yes, Microcurrent is used for men as well. If men want they can successfully go for facial sculpting along with body sculpting. Microcurrent has already been successfully used in athletes and in those who have tendon, ligament or muscular energy.
Men have successfully used Microcurrent in losing extra weight and developing a lean body mass.

Microcurrent FAQ’s by clinic operators
20. What are some Microcurrent devices available in the market? How effective are they?
Yes, there are many Microcurrent devices available in the market such as Tua Viso Microcurrent machine, EZZI LIFT Microcurrent,NuFace Microcurrent, Myopulse facial liftMicrocurrentand Microcurrent BIO face lift, Neurotris body and facial contouring system etc.
These machines are effective and customer reviews claim that the Microcurrent therapy gives positive results even if they were not dramatically good results.

21.Are they FDA approved?
Yes, the Microcurrent equipments are FDA approved.

22. Are there any Microcurrent devices available for me to buy?
Yes, you can go for Nuface Microcurrent devices for personal use and Neurotris Microcurrent body systems or Neurotris Microcurrent Facial rejuvenation systems.

23. Are Nuface devices effective?
Nuface devices are effective in toning the facial muscles and remove the sagginess around the jaw lines, but the results are not immediately seen, it takes about 5-10 weeks. It does not remove wrinkles effectively.

24. If I have a Nuface device, do I need a professional lift using Professional Microcurrent devices?
Professional lift is extremely important to achieve the full benefits of a Microcurrent facial rejuvenation treatment. The treatment is a combination of manual massage with the delivery of electrical stimulus to the skin. Muscle re-education is done by the help of probes which gently massage the muscles at its origin and insertion points. Hence, professional face lift using professional Microcurrent devices is a must for optimum and desired results.
Professional Microcurrent treatment follows a detailed mechanical and bio stimulation approach and gives long lasting results as compared to the quick fixes.

25. What are the more technical details of how Microcurrent works?
To begin with, our bodies have a cellular platform with a natural electrical polarity in them. As we age or as a result of an injury, wound or disorder this normal polarity pattern is disturbed leading to appearance of various symptoms of aging, inflammation, pain and cellular and tissue damage. On a cellular level it causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin protein.

Microcurrent is a sub-sensory electric current which is recognized by the body as its own electric impulse. This secondary electrical stimulus helps to restore the electrical balance within the cells which gives way to the normal functioning of the underlying physiological and biochemical processes required for a healthy skin and internal environment.

When Microcurrent (which is one-millionth of an ampere in magnitude) is applied at the origin and insertion points of the muscle with the help of an electric probe, muscle re-education takes place which means that muscles which are contracted for long will be stretched and muscles which are elongated due to gravity will be shortened. This creates a normal muscular pattern resembling that of the healthy and youthful muscles. This leads to an external appearance of well-toned, tightened and rejuvenated facial muscles.

Next, due to bio stimulation, there is an increased production of Adenosine triphosphate in the cells which is a fuel viable for all life. ATP can be stored in the cells. As the Microcurrent treatment is done, ample store of ATP is created which with repeated treatments go on piling up energy in cells in the form of ATP. This increased supply of ATP enhances the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and metabolic rate inside the body. All of this leads to a healthy looking, radiant and glowing skin.

The formation of collagen and elastin proteins is enhanced which makes the skin look firmer.

Microcurrent communicates with the Golgi tendon organ which is a proprioceptor which transmits signals in the muscles and tendons regarding changes in muscle tension. This helps in the alignment of the muscle.

Lastly due to the normalizing of electrical channels within the cells, the active transport of nutrients and metabolic waste inside and outside of cells respectively is facilitated.


  1. Cal Driver says:

    Thanks so much for this! There are pages and pages of misinformation online about microcurrent massages online, so finding a cohesive, accurate list of Q&As was welcome. My mother-in-law is extremely skeptical about these treatments, so I’ll need to send her this article. Additionally, I’m sure that my wife would like me to look into getting a treatment for myself. Thanks again!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    Can I use essential oils with this device?


  4. Is microcurrent safe to use with silver fillings? I wonder if it could make the Mercury leach out and cause Mercury poisoning.

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