Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Woman getting facial massage with electric gloves in the beauty salon.
The appearance of wrinkles on a face is directly related to the process of ageing. The cells lose their ability to repair or replace damaged cells as you grow older and hence wrinkles appear.

All of our muscle require both electrical and biochemical activity to perform the daily activities of the body. With the progression of age, the reactions which are triggered by electrical impulses slows down and as a result the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suppleness.

Face lift techniques
The key to looking forever young is to protect the cell before damage takes place and a down regulation of inflammatory genes. There are many techniques for skin treatment or face lifts which are surgical, semi-invasive (BOTOX or Hyaluronic acid fillers) and non-invasive techniques such as topical creams or Microcurrent procedure.

How Microcurrent is used in Aglow Facial rejuvenation?
Microcurrent as one of the non-invasive treatments has gained immense popularity for facial rejuvenation or treating the signs of aging. To quote Dr. Nicholas Perricons, “Microcurrent is unique in its ability to improve the muscles of the face to create a more youthful and toned appearance through a process that has come to be known as non-surgical face-lift.”

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation allows for the delivery of low intensity, sub sensory electrical impulses (one millionth of an ampere) to the face which in turn triggers:

  • A chemical reaction in the myofibrils (muscle filaments making up the muscle fibers) which brings about muscle contraction
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin(proteins found in the muscles, bones and elastic tissues)
  • Increase in the cellular energy (known as ATP-Adenosine triphosphate), and an increased oxygen level in the epidermis and dermis of the skin Making the skin firmer
  • Instantly brighter and rejuvenated.

Why Microcurrent for Aglow Facial?

    Microcurrent for facial rejuvenation is useful in following cases:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles of the face
  • It is used as a face lifting measure for the treatment of jowls, eyelids, double chins.
  • It is used to treat sagging chin
  • It is used to enhance complexion by increasing oxygen circulation, increasing energy production and muscle re-education.
  • It brings about an improvement of muscle ton in facial and neck muscle.
  • It is used in firming and toning the facial and neck muscles.
  • It is used to treat expression ageing.
  • It nourishes and hydrates the appearance of the skin.

How does Aglow Facial work on your Face?
This treatment acts on the facial muscle by the application of low intensity electrical currents to the face. This is done by a combination of manual manipulation and bio stimulation.

Manual manipulation
Two probes are used which gently massage the muscle along its origin (bone) and insertion (where muscle adjoins the skin) points. Manual manipulation helps the muscle to stretch or shorten. This is helpful in case of muscles whichare elongated over the year by age and gravity (Microcurrent shortens them) and contracted over years of facial expression (Microcurrent elongates them). This process is known as Muscle Reeducation and is claimed to be the foundation of Microcurrent therapy.

Bio stimulation
Microcurrent application with simultaneous massage brings about the most notable effects of Microcurrent which is generation of energy, lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins), facilitated transport of oxygenated blood and protein synthesis.

Thus, the Microcurrent simultaneously works on the muscles and the underlying processes which are involved in generation of healthy skin.

How Aglow Facial is performed on your face?
The procedure is followed in simple steps and a broad outline can be summarized as; the process begins with cleansing the skin and application of a collagen based solution. Conductivity solution is applied and the two electrode pads are positioned on the face and massaged using appropriate strokes to stimulate muscles and skin. The electrodes impart current to the skin. The hydration of the skin should be maintained throughout the process. The skin is then nourished and rejuvenated with the help of further topical products.

Benefits of Microcurrent in Aglow Facial

    Being a non-invasive technique, approved by FDA Microcurrent has numerous advantages:

  • The treatment restores the natural contours of your face as it works within your own facial structure. So, the treatment never produces a “bad face-lift” result.
  • It is a natural way of regaining the skin of your youth along with radiance (due to increased blood supply).
  • It is an absolutely painless therapy. Sensation, if any due to one millionth of an ampere of electricity will be at most a metallic taste in the mouth, lights flashing in the eyes, small muscle twitches around the eyes, or tapping at the back of the head.
  • The results are experienced right after the first Microcurrent session and no downtime is needed.
  • The therapy gives a long term result when initial therapy sessions are followed up with maintenance sessions.
  • The Microcurrent therapy is absolutely affordable.