How Microcurrent helps skin rejuvenation?

microcurrent facial

Microcurrent is a new technology in the field of Non-Invasive face and body lift which serves the dual purpose of restoring damaged, aging skin and reinvigorating and rejuvenating the whole body.

Microcurrent is the process of re-education of the muscle fibers (myo filaments) by stimulating them with very small magnitude of electrical current. This electricity mirrors the same amount of electricity which is present in human body’s cell membranes and thus acts as an external stimulus to trigger responses at the cellular level inside the body.

History of Microcurrent
The Nobel Prize winner discovery of Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann regarding the function of single ion channels in the cells and detection of subtle electrical currents in all types of cell membrane throughout the body opened up new vistas in therapeutics and cosmetology towards understanding the effect of externally applied current on various organ functions.

Earlier in 1960’s, Microcurrent was used in treatment of Bell’s palsy (Facial paralysis). It has a wide range of proven applications in the medical field ranging from muscle rehabilitation to treatment of wound healing.

How Microcurrent works in rejuvenating human cells ?
1. Microcurrent therapy works by the method of re-educating, strengthening, firming and toning slack, sagging or drooping muscles which are so because of excessive use or under use. It acts as a secondary stimulus which passes electrical signals from the brain to the message center of the muscle, thus establishing muscle functions naturally.

2. As we all know that ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) is a protein in the cells which is known as the ‘energy of life,’ and acts as the chemical fuel in the muscles. Microcurrent elicits a chemical response at the cellular level by increasing the production and effective use of ATP.

3. It improves the blood circulation by almost 38%# and supply of essential nutrients to the muscle tissues and fibers. It also enables the removal of metabolic waste from the cells thus helping in detoxification of the skin.

4. It helps in the synthesis of proteins such as collagen and elastin which are helpful in the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues. Microcurrent therapy is known to increase the production of collagen by 14%# and elastin by 48%#.
# These data are a result of research studies done by Dr. Emil Y Chi, Director of Washington’s Department of Pathology, University of Washington.

Technique of Microcurrent therapy
The Microcurrent treatment is known to work on the facial muscles through a combination of:

  • Manual manipulation which involves proper massage with the electrode pads at strategic locations which effectively brings about muscle re-education by contracting or stretching the muscles,
  • Bio stimulation which triggers the underlying processes such as ATP production. Blood circulation, lymphatic drainage which are behind a healthy, glowing and well-nourished skin.

Functions of Microcurrent
Microcurrent treatments are carried out for both facial rejuvenation and body sculpting.
1. Being an extremely low level of electrical stimulus mimicking the body’s natural flow of electricity, Microcurrent stimulates the body’s own healing process to improve the skin and muscles of the face.

2. It reduces jowls and double chin. Microcurrent helps tighten up any slackness under the chin.

3. Regular use of Microcurrent therapy improves complexion by stimulating the process of maintaining healthy skin, production of collagen and elastin, circulation of purified blood and transfer of nutrients in and metabolic waste out of the cells.

4. It helps in lifting droopy eyelids.

5. Microcurrent therapy aids in reduction of fat cells (electropolosis) and facilitate absorption of anti-cellulite. It also brings about body contouring.

6. Microcurrent through an increased circulation and muscle re-education brings about body toning and lifting.

7. Microcurrent therapy assists in pain reduction.

8. It improves tone and quality of skin appearance.

The benefits of Microcurrent
Microcurrent is a path breaking treatment which essentially has no side effects and non-invasive in nature associated with guaranteed and positive results. A few benefits of Microcurrent are:

  1.  It is a non-invasive technique for face lift and body lift.
  2.  It produces immediate and natural result
  3.  It provides results right after a single Microcurrent session. No downtime is required after Microcurrent sessions.
  4.  The method is a progressive treatment.
  5.  It is performed in a series of multiple sessions to give cumulative and long lasting effects.
  6.  It is a painless technique, causing little or no sensation to the skin. It can be done without injections or surgery, even of minor nature
  7.  It has virtually no side effects except may be a slight reddening of the treated area in case of ultra-sensitive skin, but it persists only for a few minutes.
  8.  It is much affordable when compared to its invasive and semi-invasive counterparts.

Microcurrent and Facial Sculpting
Microcurrent through its non-invasive techniques creates a rejuvenated skin, natural glow, and skin exfoliation which removes the dark circles.

Microcurrent and Body Sculpting
This “miracle treatment” Microcurrent for body contouring works in different parts to create the desired sculpting result.

Legs and Buttock Sculpting
It has been claimed to be the best treatment module for cellulite! With this therapy, stretch marks, cellulite and other marks due to aging are reduced.

Stomach and Back Sculpting

Especially effective against the post pregnancy flab. The result can be visualized in the reduced inches and smaller dress sizes!

Arm Sculpting
The treatment results in slimmer arms with toned and tightened skin.

Microcurrent therapy in pain
There is an electrical impulse going through all the cells; in course of an injury the impulse is broken down and cannot pass through the injured location. This prevents the transport of nutrients, blood and oxygen; thus causing pain and inflammation in the damaged area.

Microcurrent therapy is a state of the art medical technique in non – invasive pain management. The electric pulse when delivered to the damaged area, it is absorbed in the inflamed cells and restores the normal electric pulse. This maintains the normal blood supply, brings about the detoxification, enhances collagen production; thus reducing the inflammation, creating a healthy environment and directly brings a relief from pain. The pain ailments for which relief has been noted are:

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Cervical pain in the dorsal and lumbar spine
  • Headache
  • Pain due to arthritis (in hip, knee and shoulder)
  • Tennis elbow
  • Nerve pain
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Slow healing fractures
  • Fibromyalgia (group of common rheumatoid disorders (not involving the joints) characterized by achy pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles)