My first ever Aromatherapy Massage

We are all brought up to love some form of massage. As babies, we get massaged daily to help with our muscles, help us bond with our parents and even help with sore tummies.

Aromatherapy Massage
As we grow up, we massage our shoulders while we learn because they sore and hurt during exams or we visit our physiotherapist because we injured our muscles playing sports too roughly. Well it is now time for us to realise that massage can help our mind, body and spirit as well as help with stress levels.

My matric year was horrendous. I took on extra subjects and my stress levels were through the roof and it felt like I was slowly drowning in a sea of paperwork and pressure. My grate-aunt owns one of the biggest Aromatherapy plants in South Africa and she told me to come for a treatment and see if it will help with my stress levels and drop my blood pressure. I was so desperate; I was willing to try anything and everything. I went to her salon, filled in a form to say what I am allergic to, any medication I am on and what my primary problems were and then the therapist took me into heaven.

The room was warm and inviting. The aromas in the room over took my senses and I felt like I was in one of the safest places in the world. I lay on the bed, she covered me with towels, went through my treatment card and started to mix a few oils together before warming them up. She used Almond oil as her base because my skin is naturally dry. She then added a few drops of Lavender to calm me, Blue Chamomile to help with my frustrations and anxiety and Bergamot to help with giving my body a peaceful and calming response. The oils together smelt amazing and I could not wait to feel this warm oil slowly calming me down. I can’t say I remember most of the massage as I fell asleep after about a half an hour however, I do remember that the massage was slow and healing.

You could feel that the therapist was massaging with intent.
From that day onwards, I would get an Aromatherapy massage before every exam of mine and sometimes after depending on which exam it was (we all know maths was before and after). Throughout the rest of my schooling and learning career, I would go for regular Aromatherapy massages to help with my stress levels. My blood pressure dropped and I am no longer on any medication for it. Holistic Therapy has helped my body so much. I do Yoga as well to help with the Aromatherapy as I want to treat my mind, body and spirit as a hole. I would recommend Aromatherapy to everyone except for pregnant woman. Your life just becomes more manageable once you start to look after yourself and manage your stress correctly.

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