My first Micro Current facial Experience

My whole life, I have been trying to protect my skin. I use products daily and have been since I was 12 years old. I then went on to study the skin and ways in which I can prevent premature aging, live age spots, sun damage and more. My favorite part of my body is my skin and how perfect my complexion is but the older we get, the more help we need to ensure that our skin’s stay smooth, young and rejuvenated.

My first Micro Current facial

I am not willing to try non-natural procedures so I booked for my first ever Micro current facial. On my way to my appointment, I was trying to figure out what to expect. I knew current was going to run though me at some point or another and I thought that I might feel a bit of a shock here and there and there was going to be tissue stimulation. I was expecting a bit of an itch after but over all, smooth, clean feeling skin. I walked into the treatment room, filled in all the forms and started my Micro Current facial.

It started off as your normal facial. Cleanse twice, tone, exfoliate with an enzymatic exfoliator because my skin is sensitive to the granules placed in the exfoliators and then it was time for the current. My therapist placed a wet pad underneath each of my shoulder blades so that there is a conductor for the current. She then placed a water based conductive gel onto my skin so that she does not burn me and there is good conduction on the skin. Then she took the tools that look like metal lolly pops and placed it onto my skin before turning the machine on. I was a bit nervous as I was not sure what to expect however the current was very relaxing. There was no shock involved and when she went close to my ears, it was almost like I could near the current running through the electrodes into my skin. She moved the electrodes in a circular motion for about 20 minutes. After she wiped the gel off, placed a mask and serum onto my skin, (I chose a hydrating mask because my skin was feeling very dry and I was not drinking enough water at the time) we moisturized and that was the end of my facial.

My skin looked bright, uplifted, my dehydration lines were not as visible as before and I loved every moment of my facial. I was hooked straight away after I saw my results and felt my skin. It was like someone had placed a bowl of mint onto my skin and I got that fresh, clean, healthy feel. I have been going for these facials ever since. Due to the current running through the tissues, it reboots your cells almost and heals your skin from the inside out without using extreme measures. It improves blood and lymph circulation and also helps with muscle problems. I went for 2 treatments a week for 6 weeks and then once a month for maintenance.

I would recommend this treatment to everyone. Keep in mind it is one of the most practiced facials world wide. There has to be a reason for that.

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