Natural herbal steam bath and its benefits

Since many centuries, steam baths have always considered as an amazing way to relax the mind and the body of a person. They are very beneficial for the both physical and mental relaxation.

herbal steam bath
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In addition, the most beneficial way is to add dried herbs or essential oils in the steam bath, which enhance the benefits of steam baths to a greater extent. When herbs used in the steam baths, person gets better results. Steam opens the pores of the body and the botanicals are absorbed properly into the body. Besides this, steam facilitates the breathing of a person. In this way, person inhales herbs with steam and breathing.  Herbal active constituents get into the body and give more benefits to the person having an herbal steam bath. Herbal steam bath is based on the Thai and ayurvedic traditional medicine and it is used for physical health and for relaxing mind.

Since ancient times, the healing power of herbal steam bath is well known. It boosts the health, increases energy of the human body, refreshing entire bodily systems and has good impact on almost all organs of the human body. Herbal steam baths was used in medieval times for physical and mental relaxation. Nowadays, it is well known fact about herbal steam baths efficacy for these purposes.

Steam bath has been in use for the childbirth and many other health purposes in Thailand and was very useful and popular method. Herbal steam baths are very helpful in many ways. They not only cleanse the body deeply, but also open the pores, remove the toxins from them, which may come out with the sweat from the skin. In addition, herbal steam baths refresh the blood circulation and activate the mind, and release the stress of the person. Herbal steams bath also increase the glow of the skin, when beneficial herbs for skin are added in water used for generating steam. By tradition, drinking ginger tea after herbal steam bath is very beneficial. It makes person fresher and active throughout the day.

Effects of herbal steam bath:
Herbal steam bath can act as a natural detox, which can cause the body to sweat and expel out all the toxins from the body, which is very beneficial for the liver. Therefore, herbal steam baths detoxify the liver as well. Herbs present in the steam cleanse the skin and encourages the release of excess uric acid from the body. Therefore, herbal steam bath is also very beneficial for people suffering from hyperuricemia (condition of high uric acid levels in the blood) or gouty arthritis.

The adding aroma essential oils in the traditional herbal steam bath, makes the experience even more soothing and heavenly, and when it is inhaled with steam, it releases the anxiety and makes the person feel relaxed and contented. These herbal steam baths can influence the person very much, and could give him peace of mind, physical health and heals the pains and wounds as well. Steam soothes the nasal passages and throat. It helps the person breathe in herbal active constituents with the steam, which is beneficial for asthma, bronchitis and other problems of lungs. In addition, herbal steam is also beneficial for skin and liver.

Benefits of herbal steam bath:
Herbal steam bath helps in many ways like:

  • It helps in acne cases, opens the pores, cleanses the toxins and makes the skin soft and smooth.
  • Steam bath also helps in cleaning of the respiratory system, clears the nasal passage and throat, and helps in breathing problems.
  • This is best and ideal for removing the toxins from the body. In this way, it tones the skin. In addition, it improves the texture of skin and increases glow of skin. Therefore, it beautifies the person.
  • It has a calming effect on the person so it helps in relaxing the person not only physically but also gives mental relaxation.

These are the benefits of the steam bath, and the precautions should be taken to avoid any disaster. These are listed below.

A steam bath is not for everyone and not anyone should do this without some precautions.

  1. People with known heart conditions or those women who are pregnant should not take an herbal steam bath, as essential oils are very powerful and they may cause them a problem while inhaled and or absorbed.
  2. Besides this, a person before taking an herbal steam bath should drink plenty of water as steam bath causes a lot sweating and this could result in dehydration in the person.
  3. Although these herbs and oils are natural, but sometimes people are allergic to some things, even with the natural things, so before using herbs and oils, consult the physician or herbal or aroma therapist. Use the appropriate herbs in the steam bath recommended for your skin type, which could result in a better and beneficial way.
  4. In steam bath, as the body is subjected to a high temperature so the heartbeat reaches to about 140 beats per minute. Therefore, pregnant women, persons having heart or blood pressure problems or elderly people should not take this bath because it may cause some severe problems in them.

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