Neem – The Marvelous Natural Drug

Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica has been a pivotal part of the Ayurveda, homeopathic and the Unani systems of medicine because it has amazing healing powers.

neem tree
Neem Tree, all parts of Neem tree is used for medicinal purpose.

Another intriguing fact about neem is that every part of this tree has medicinal properties, be it its seeds or its branches and leaves. The health benefits of neem extend to several lines of health. What is the reason behind the health benefits extended by neem?

The good effects of the neem is all thanks to the active constituents present in it and most of them have been utilized by the pharmaceutical firms to manufacture drugs. The neem tree is packed with medicinal qualities from top to bottom and it has been used for curing ailments such as dental disorders, skin diseases and infections since traditional times.

There are many interesting and useful facts about a neem tree that one must have knowledge of. For instance, neem has been mentioned as sarva roga nivarini or the one that keeps the diseases away in the vital text of Ayurveda; the Charaka Samhita. The neem tree has been extending its health benefits for thousands of years now and even today it is actively used by the people for keeping their bodies healthy; internally and externally.

The Role of Neem in Curing Diseases
The antiseptic qualities of neem are globally famous and this natural drug is widely used as an antiviral treatment for ailments such as chickenpox, warts and small-pox. It has to be used directly on the skin in order for it to show its effects. A lotion or cream made from neem can be used in situations to cure sprains, bruises and minor cuts. Hepatitis is one of the many diseases that can be curbed with the help of neem in one or another.

Hepatitis can often turn deadly for the patient and the root cause for this disease is the intake of contaminated water or food. The consumption of neem helps in stopping the virus that is the cause for this disease. Various tests have been performed in Germany and their results have proven that neem extracts are quite helpful in curbing the herpes virus. Another tests conducted in Brazil and Germany have suggested that neem can prove to be an answer for curing Chagas disease which is caused by a parasite named Trypanosoma Cruzi.

Malaria is a widely spread disease and it has claimed its victims in India and several other countries. China has come up with a plan and taken the help of neem in the huge anti-bacterial operation. The scientists from various countries are also putting in their efforts to research the antibacterial features of neem.

Benefits of Neem for the External Body
Neem is filled with benefits for the body both internally and externally. The last section covered the internal part and now it is time to move on and discuss the benefits that can be availed by using neem on the skin.

Include Neem in the Everyday Beauty Regime for Healthy Skin
Skin problems are of several kinds and they differ from person to person. The issues of acne, dry skin and blackheads are some of the common ones that are faced by most people. Neem is indeed a miraculous natural drug and it can help in getting rid of not one but various skin related problems.

  • Taking regular baths in water with boiled neem leaves can help in keeping the skin infections and irritation at bay. Neem has anti-bacterial and antiviral characteristics that help not only in curing infections but also in keeping them away from the body.
  • Acne is one of the most common and embarrassing problems faced by the ladies. Almost every woman has faced this issue at some point of time and neem is an excellent remedy for acne. It can be used in the boiled form and applied directly on the pimples or using it as ingredient in the face pack is also a great option.
  • Skin toning is something that needs to be done on a daily basis in order to fight fine lines and wrinkles. The strained neem water is an effective natural skin toner, and can be used every day for an ageless skin.
  • If excessive dry skin is a problem for someone then a neem face pack can be helpful in getting rid of the problem.
  • Skin issues such as large pores, whiteheads and blackheads can also be cured with the help of a natural wonder called neem. Neem in the form of oil or face pack can be used for these issues.

Use Neem to Get Long and Healthy Hair
Neem is one natural drug that has numerous beneficial properties and most of them have been discussed above. It has to be noted that getting healthy hair is quite difficult in today’s stressful and hectic life but it is certainly not impossible. A healthy scalp and long hair is possible by regular use of neem in the form of oil. Neem oil works wonders for the hair and common hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall can be cured with the same.

The problem of rough and dull hair can also find a solution in neem oil and it can be used along with the shampoo in order to fight the roughness in the hair. Lice in hair are a serious issue and it can be tackled successfully by using neem oil and another good thing about this oil is that it does not have any ill effects.

Neem: An Epitome of Good Health
The amazing qualities of neem are not restricted to India anymore and they have spread their glory to the rest of world as well. The medicinal qualities of neem have made it possible to fight several viruses and bacteria thus making it possible to lead a healthy and free life. The benefits of a neem tree are such that they can be used in various forms and extend relief from many health issues.

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