Reetha – Natural Shampoo from Mother Nature

Reetha is the common Hindi name for the fruit of Soap nut tree and this fruit is packed with amazing benefits for health especially for hair. The botanical name for Reetha is Sapindus Mukorossi and it is grown in tropical areas such as northern parts of India and some areas in Nepal.

Soap nut tree
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The fruit of this tree is used for several purposes as it has beneficial qualities. It is sold in the market and utilized for manufacturing detergents and shampoos. There are many useful components in soap nut and one of the most active happens to be saponin and this chemical is commonly utilized for its foaming characteristics.

It is due to the presence of saponin that Reetha is widely used and recommended for cleaning variety of things from clothes to ornaments. Reetha is mostly used in the form of powder along with other ingredients for serving variety of purposes. It has to be noted that Reetha has amazing cleaning and healing qualities and thus it is put to use for variety of reasons. It has been a vital part of the Ayurveda system of medicine since a very long time now.

The advantages of using Reetha

Advantages for health and skin:

  • Reetha is packed with medicinal properties and can be used as an effective cure of several diseases and ailments. Migraine is a common health problem and relief from the same can be attained by smelling using soap nut powder along with ingredients such as pepper and few drops of water.
  • Reetha is also very helpful in getting relief from almost every dental ailment. The seeds of this fruit must be fried in a pan and then mixed with equal amount of alum in a grinded form. Then this mixture must be applied on teeth to see the wonderful effects.
  • The health issue of cataract can also be cured with the help of Reetha. Other ailments such as headache and blocked nostrils can also be cured with the help of soap nut.
  • Serious ailments like asthma can also be treated with the help of Reetha. Reetha is indeed quite helpful in curing many different ailments.
  • People with sensitive skin can benefit a lot from Reetha as it is completely natural in nature and free from harsh chemicals.

Advantages for hair:
Reetha is one of the most sought natural ingredients for the overall well being of the hair. Various hair related issues such as hair fall and dandruff can be cured with the help of this herb and thus it has been used as an ingredient in the Ayurvedic cleansers and shampoos for a very long time now. The dream of having a healthy head of hair can come true by using Reetha along with other natural ingredients such as amla and shikakai.

Hair problems such as lice are very common and irritating and the same can be cured with the help of soap nut. Reetha also helps in keeping the scalp dirt free and also prevents brittleness in hair thus making them lustrous and shiny.

Tips to use Reetha for maintaining strong and healthy hair
Dried Reetha can be used in various ways to treat the hair problems commonly faced by people.

  • Hair oil can be prepared by heating dried Reetha, around 100 ml of coconut oil and amla for 5 minutes. This mixture has to be kept covered for a day and then reheated after 4-6 hours so that all the good qualities of amla and Reetha get extracted in the oil. The strained oil can then be used for application and the result will be thick and very manageable hair.
  • Reetha when mixed with powdered heena can be used as a paste for the hair in order to make them voluminous. Around 2 tbsp of both the ingredients need to be mixed together in a paste.
  • Another paste can be prepared by using dried Reetha, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp of shikakai and amla. It has to be massaged on the scalp for some thirty minutes and then rinsed with a mild shampoo. This paste is very effective in getting rid of the problem of hair loss.
  • A very effective herbal shampoo can be easily made at home by using the following ingredients: Yucca root, Hibiscus flowers, flax seeds and dried Reetha. All of these have to be boiled together and when one uses this shampoo regularly then the results will be amazing. It helps in making the hair thick and adds natural shine to them.
  • Reetha can be utilized in more than one ways to fight the problem of hair fall. Another way is to soak dried Reetha along with shikakai powder, fenugreek seeds, two eggs, amla powder and lime peels. All of these have to grinded together to form a paste to be applied on hair. The results will be clearly visible after two to three weeks if used regularly.

Reetha: a natural solution for many problems
The good qualities of Reetha are widely known now and people are using it to get rid of health issues and live a happy life. Using natural products is a great habit to adopt and maintain since these products have no side effects and only good effects on the body internally and externally. The amazing properties of Reetha have been known to mankind since a long time now and its uses have only increased with time.

Reetha can be easily obtained from the market and as discussed above, it is very convenient to use as well. Hair problems will never surface again if one uses Reetha along with other natural and appropriate ingredients and what will remain is a beautiful and shining head of hair. Nature has given many gifts to the mankind and Reetha or soap nut is one of the best ones. Reetha or soap nut happens to be mild in nature and thus its benefits can be availed by anyone and everyone.


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