Sandalwood – The Warehouse of Good Health

Sandalwood is a fragrant herb widely used across the globe in various forms. There are many names that can be associated with sandalwood such as Chandan and sandal.


Sandalwood is an Indian origin herb but it is grown in several other countries as well like Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. By appearance, sandalwood tree is small in size and usually found in the tropical areas and this tree has a life of more than hundred years. The bark and trunk of the tree are used in manufacturing various products for internal and external well being of the human body.

Sandalwood is well known for its soothing and pleasant fragrance and is a treasure of health benefits. It has been a vital part of the Ayurveda system of medicine and is regarded as a sacred herb. It is known as Santanlum album in scientific terms.

Significance of Sandalwood in Ayurveda
The power of sandalwood and the sandal oil are globally known for their medicinal characteristics. The oil is best harvested from the sandalwood tree after it completes at least sixty years of its existence and the oil is collected in the trunk of the tree. The sandalwood oil is then used in making products such as incense, soaps, medicines and perfumes plus the wood of the tree is utilized in making idols of deities and beads.

The sandalwood powder has cooling properties and thus it is used in the form of paste made with water to get relief from problems such as fevers, sunburn, acne, rashes herpes and infections like ulcers. Sandalwood is also utilized as an amazing and effective meditation tool. The sedative characteristic of this herb helps the person to relax and let go of the stress accumulated in the nervous system.

When sandalwood oil is used on the third eye, then it helps in fighting depression and awakens the intelligence. The healing qualities found in sandalwood are hard to replace and thus it is considered as precious as gold.

Sandalwood: The Sweet-Scented Beauty Ingredient
Various benefits of sandalwood for the skin:

  • The major use of sandalwood is on the external body and it has numerous benefits for the skin. The presence of beta-santalol in sandalwood is the main reason behind the many health gains of this herb as this component is rich in antimicrobial properties. If a person is facing skin issues such as spots and blackheads then sandalwood can be applied along with mustard oil on the skin.
  • Everyone desires a glowing skin and it can be possible with regular usage of sandalwood. Sandalwood used in the powder form can be mixed with rose water, turmeric in order to get that always glowing and soft skin.
  • The best thing about sandalwood is that it works for all skin types and it is particularly amazing for the dry skin. When sandalwood powder is mixed with coconut milk and applied regularly then the problem of dry skin will never surface.
  • Sandalwood is also quite helpful in getting a fairer complexion when mixed with almond powder and milk.
  • Pimple and acne are common and irritating skin problems faced by almost everyone at some point or another. Sandalwood being the treasure of goodness can help not only in getting rid of pimple but it also helps in eliminating the scars left behind by acne.
  • Most of skin allergies and itching can be cured with sandalwood as it has microbial and cooling properties in it.
  • Sandalwood has a long list of benefits when it comes to its usage on the skin. It can also be used as a sunscreen for the skin and one can also use sandalwood powder along with almond oil and coconut oil to cure the issue of suntan.
  • It is amazing to note that sandalwood has the properties to cure almost every skin problem commonly faced by people. The issue of ageing signs on the skin such as wrinkles is also quite common and sandalwood is an effective solution for the same. The wrinkles on the face will be gone by regular use of sandalwood powder along with glycerin and rose water.
  • The problem of heat rashes will also find solution in the form of sandalwood paste made from sandalwood powder and distilled water.

Sandalwood: An Aromatic Gift of Nature
The list of health benefits of sandalwood is endless as it possesses amazing healing qualities which are hard to find in any other natural herb. Sandalwood is an expensive herb used on a large scale across the globe but it has its roots in India. It has been a part of Indian medicine system for a long time now and its uses are now recognized all over the world. Apart from possessing exceptional fragrance, sandalwood is also equipped with effective medicinal properties.

Sandalwood works as a boon for the skin. It helps it to breathe and stay healthy and glowing for a long time. Other than that, sandalwood also has anti-inflammatory properties which were confirmed by the Paw Oedema tests performed on the extracts of sandalwood. The bark and leaves of a young sandalwood tree possess anti-oxidants which are utilized in Ayurveda for a very long time now. Sandalwood is used as a vital ingredient along with nirgundi, bhringaraj, punarnava, satapatri, sobhanajana and madhu extracts in order to make an Ayurvedic formula for curing ocular diseases.

Sandalwood is a precious gift from nature in every possible manner. Its exceptionally good medicinal properties are used to get rid of many small and big ailments in an effective manner. It is however sad to note that sandalwood is on the verge of extinction and the main reason behind it is the rapid cutting down of sandalwood trees. It is high time that the people realize the importance of sandalwood and preserve it for the coming generations. The miraculous herb called sandalwood is definitely packed with amazing health benefits and it is particularly a wonder for human skin.

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