Self-massage for vibrant skin

Massage pampers the skin and muscles. Massage is not just for pleasure and stress reduction, it is much more than a general technique of relaxation. It soothes the skin and tones the muscles. It boosts the energy and stimulates excretion of toxins from the skin.

self massage

You should learn the art of self-massage for skin that will give great benefits. It will preserve the glow of skin and prevents loosening of the skin. If you have no extra time to take a help from a massage expert, you can try self-massage for beautiful skin at home. Here we will discuss the proper and beneficial technique of self-massage for skin.

Self-massage should incorporate some soothing rubs and pressure application over some pressure points. There will be some trigger points where you will feel pain while pressing. These are called pressure points and a gentle pressure should apply over these trigger points to prevent various health conditions. Now, we will describe the major steps involve in self-massage for skin:

  1. Take warm oil. It will be preferable to use olive oil or aromatherapy oil for skin.
  2. Apply oil over the skin, start by rubbing gently, apply a gentle pressure over various parts of the skin, and find some tender points.
  3. When you have found the tender skin points, apply a gentle pressure on them for 15 to 30 seconds and then rub them gently. It will help you to get the benefits of normalizing bio-current in the body.
  4. When you massage your face, place your hands on the cheekbones and use your fingertips to rub the facial skin and apply gentle pressure on lateral sides of both eyes in between the eyes and ears on temporal bones. Make some tiny circular motion of fingertips over these centres.
  5. In addition, you can squeeze your skin during self-massage for relaxing stiff muscles and toning skin.
  6. You can massage your whole body by using techniques of gentle rubbing, squeezing and stroking, applying pressure on various tender points.
  7. In full body massage, legs are massaged from hip joint to knees, knee to feet, shoulders to arm, and arms to hands. While doing the massage of the chest and abdomen, use circular movements or motions of your hands. However, for back massage you can take help of your family member.

Benefits of self-massage:
Self-massage is affordable for all and beneficial for those people who have very less time to spend at massage centre. However, if you are looking for therapeutic or quality of massage, you have to spare your time for getting a special massage for your whole body. Self-massage is general care of the skin as well as body at home. It gives vitality to your skin and tones muscles.

The self-massage is the oldest technique and useful in skin care since ancient times. You can keep your body active and mind stress free. It aids you to keep your skin radiant and soft. If you have a problem of dry skin, daily self-massage is very beneficial to get rid of this problem.

Furthermore, self-massage for skin is not only vitalizes your skin but it also provides strength to your muscles and alleviates muscular pain. In addition, it will improve blood circulation and increases natural glow of your face and skin. Self-massage at home is the best art of keeping your skin well nourished and naturally detoxified.  It will also keep you away from sprains or muscle spasms, wrinkles, and blemishes. It will delay aging and make your skin more beautiful, flexible, elastic and glowing.

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