Microcurrent Services

Microcurrent Facial
We will treat your face and neck using a FDA approved and patented Microcurrent device. The entire procedure is non-surgical, using the latest Microcurrent technology to reduce wrinkles, lines, and puffiness in your face.  This 45 minute session will leave you seeing visible changes in the texture and tone of your face and neck.  Regularly scheduled facials will yield the best results in making you feel and look younger while slowing down the aging process.

Body Sculpting
We target specific areas of your body like abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, and legs.  Improving the blood circulation in your body helps to tighten the skin and reduce fat and cellulite.  For more information, visit Aglow Body for a detailed information.

Cellulite Treatment 
During this treatment we utilize Microcurrent to increase blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and your overall metabolism. All of these help you to combat the fat which are settled into colonies beneath the surface of your skin.

Complete Cellulite Treatment (Treatment + Product to take home)
This is same as the Cellulite Treatment Using Microcurrent, at the end of the service we will give you a Cellulite cream to take home to apply it on your body which will continuously reduce the Cellulite and continuously tones your muscle.

Deep Wrinkle Treatment 
With this 45 minutes Deep Wrinkle Treatment, we use the deep intensity Microcurrent on the wrinkles in your face to help your cells produce the collagen and elastin to bring back the muscle’s natural firmness and tone.

Stretch Mark & Skin Tightening Treatment
We us light intensity Microcurrent on your stretch marks on your body to improve collagen structure, and increase natural elasticity. Microcurrent passes deep into your skin layers and naturally reduces the stretch mark and tightens the skin.

Brow Lift/Under Eye Treatment
Sagging eyelids are common problems of aging, in this treatment we use the Microcurrent probes to gently massage your upper and lower eye lids to strengthen the muscles by increasing the blood circulation in your eyelids. This naturally reduces sagging eyelids and gives you a healthier and younger look.

Neck Sculpting 
We use mild to deep Microcurrent on your chin and neck to gently massage the muscle surface for the Microcurrent to pass through your skin. This process tightens the sagging platysma muscle and brings back the elasticity of your neck and skin to give you natural and younger look.

Arm Treatment
In this service we focus on your arms to use low intensity Microcurrent to increase blood circulation on your cells beneath your arms to bring natural and younger look.

Microcurrent Stem Cell Gel Facial
Microcurrent Stem cell Gel Facial utilizes the application of a stem cell gel which is a conductive gliding gel. It brings about the beneficial clinical results and also enhances the absorption of Microcurrent and the stem cell deeper in the skin layers. For more detailed information, visit Microcurrent Stem Cell Gel Facial.