Stop Worrying Yourself over Those Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the most terrifying aspects of motherhood. People who have lost a lot of weight through crash diets or extreme exercise are left with saggy hanging skin and lots of stretch marks all over. The most commonly affected areas are abdomen, breasts, upper arms and thighs. The stretch marks do not pose any physical or clinical hazard but are very unsightly and unbecoming.

microcurrent Stretch Marks

Different treatments for stretch marks
The most common side effect of a stretch mark is a lost confidence and frustrated attitude in women. Some might even become depressive due to this change in their physical appearance. All the treatments that have been popularly used till date like laser therapies, chemical peels (with glycolic acid or retinoic acid) are good options but they all come abreast with certain side effects as well. The effects may not be permanent in nature and it may take certain sessions with few of them before the first results can be visualized.

Microcurrent for stretch marks
Microcurrent is also one such treatment which is gaining immense popularity as a treatment module for stretch marks and skin tightening. This treatment is not new but Microcurrent has been around for quite some time now for the treatment of pain, healing of wounds etc. the relatively newer concept of utilizing Microcurrent in the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite and prevent ageing of the skin is fast garnering a lot of appreciation and recommendations. From aestheticians to medical doctors and even beauty experts are vouching for the quick, permanent, convenient and safe use of Microcurrent in the therapy of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks and as an antiageing treatment

What does a session feel like?
For a typical session you may be asked for a picture. The client is allowed to lie down on a massage table. Roller bar probes or specialized massage gloves are used to deliver the sub sensory amounts of current through a Swedish massage. With the help of the massage, the therapy gently applies current to the target area. Neurotris  equipment are used for different purposes by varying the amount of intensity of current and setting the time of contraction and resting phase. The whole session is relaxing in nature and even though it is an exercise simulator the patient does not feel any fatigue or tired. The intensity of the current can be easily increased in a range till the client can tolerate it. There may be a slight tingling sensation in the client post a session but it soon goes away. You can go back and resume work right after the session is over.

Side effects of Microcurrent
There are no known side effects of the Microcurrent treatment. the only precaution that has to be taken care of before, during and after a Microcurrent is staying hydrated. The client should drink lots of fluids and water.

How does Microcurrent remove the stretch marks?
As a result of the low intensity current (Micro current, Pico current and Nano current) applied to the body it can bring about certain effects in the body;

  • An increased energy in the muscle
  • An increase in the production of collagen in the skin
  • It also increases the formation of protein
  • It brings about healing at the cellular level

All these above effects are helpful and effective in the treatment of stretch marks and scar tissue.

A word of caution
In case you are pregnant, then you are advised against the use of Microcurrent to prevent stretch marks. Microcurrent may not be good for the developing fetus. To try and prevent your stretch marks you can use some other natural remedies such as application of Vitamin E, Shea butter or Cocoa butter and daily massage of the skin. These natural remedies can also be followed while you are undergoing Microcurrent treatment.


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