Stress – Its written all over your face!

What stress does to you?
Overbooked schedules, emotional pressures and professional workload are the major stressors in today’s day to day life. The effect of these stressors is written all over your face.


Skin care experts believe that ‘stress is a major deterrent to having a good skin. Studies have shown that there is a direct relation between the brain, endocrine system and your skin. Stress adversely affects the permeation of the skin and inflammation of the deeper layers of skin is initiated. Stress also causes a loss of fluid from all layers of the skin resulting in a dull complexion and an aggravation of wrinkles. Stress also plays havoc with the biochemical balance of the body. Normally, the stressors go away making the hormones to return to their normal levels. But the bane of our modern life is chronic stress which also depresses the immune system, brings hormonal imbalances, increases the sebum production thus making the skin oilier and causing breakouts.

Erasing the effect of stress
Even though the effects of stress can act as further stressor, but the most important stress reliever is that there are a plethora of natural therapies which can erase the effects of stress on your skin and body. A lot can be done to eliminate the effects of stress, benefit skin and general health. Natural massages, nutrition and supplements can be used to revive and restore the skin to its natural and ageless radiance. Healthy practices also bring about a radiant glow of health on your face.

Acupressure is a means of restoring balance and natural harmony of the body. Acupressure is a special form of massage in which pressure is applied with the help of hands and fingers on vital pressure points. Acupressure is known to impart positive influence health and overall balance in the body. Acupressure relieves stress and lowers anxiety levels.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art. Very fine needles are inserted at the precise pressure points in the body. The needles stimulate the body’s natural healing processes in its energy system. When the proper pressure points are stimulated, stress and its adverse effects are alleviated. Acupuncture acts as a natural de stressor and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

All natural Ayurvedic solutions
The holistic approach of Ayurveda believes that your skin is a mirror of what goes inside your body. Along with diet, exercise and proper sleep Ayurveda believes in daily massages and de stressing techniques such as meditation. The daily self-massage with warm oil has been found to be a perfect solution to balance the mind, body and soul. It lubricates the skin making it supple and lustrous.

Daily meditation also helps in relaxing the body and de stressing it and thus reverts the adverse effects of stress. Deep breathing is also a powerful stress reliever.

Aromatherapy is also popularly known as essential oils therapy. Aromatherapy is recommended as it promotes relaxation and helps in relieving stress. Oils are taken from the various parts of the plant and then mixed with another substance such as oil, alcohol or lotion. This mixture is then applied to the skin by spraying in the air, inhaling, massaging the oils in the skin or pouring them into the bath water. The aromatic oils which are used for the skin are cypress oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, sandalwood oil, rose oil, tangerine oil, pine oil and frankincense oil.

Essential nutrients
Nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and magnesium can help in reducing the effects of stress to a large extent. Gamma linolenic acid is most important for skin and is found in borage oil, black currant seed oil and evening primrose. When topically applied through massages they are known to cure inflammation and the loss of moisture. Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis can also be cured with the use of topical linolenic acid. Massages which utilize administration of vitamins B complexes and minerals like magnesium have been known to balance out the disturbances caused due to stress.

Massage therapy
Massages which are deeply healing in nature and are restorative in nature for the skin and body utilize vital energy points to release tension in the muscles and stimulate the body’s system to heal and renew, bring pain relief, release blocked energy and are transformative in nature. These massages are classified into various types such as Ayurvedic Marma massage, Microcurrent massage and acupressure massages. Marma massages involve the use of specially selected herbal oils to massage and Microcurrent therapy utilizes administration of very small magnitudes of electric current.


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