Get that glow naturally during pregnancy

Most of the women experience skin changes during pregnancy. The changes also occur in hair and nails. Most of the changes are temporary in nature and go away after pregnancy. The different changes observed in skin are stretch marks, brownish or yellowish patches around the eyes or over their cheeks and nose, dark line on the middle of their lower abdomen, and changes in the texture of hair and nail. [Read more…]

Acne and aging: solve the two biggest skin problems from within

One of the most common problem of teenage and adults is acne and premature aging and it is also one of the most common problems which are ignored by the skin estheticians and skin doctors. The majority of professionals try to address and resolve these problems through the use of harsh chemical products on the skin and invasive procedures which change the natural system of the body and also create a completely artificial look. [Read more…]

The natural treatment of acne

Most of us suffer from the problem of pimples in our adolescence. But is it true? Are acne limited to only adolescence? What can you do take care of them without using any harmful remedies or harsh chemicals? Read to learn more. [Read more…]