Micro-needling as an anti-aging treatment

As we know aging means growing old or moving toward old age. The signs of aging comprises of many physical and psychological changes such as having cardiovascular problems, loss of weight, weakness of bones and joints, less efficient memory, eye sight and hearing problem, grey hair and skin problems. [Read more…]

My first Micro Current facial Experience

My whole life, I have been trying to protect my skin. I use products daily and have been since I was 12 years old. I then went on to study the skin and ways in which I can prevent premature aging, live age spots, sun damage and more. My favorite part of my body is my skin and how perfect my complexion is but the older we get, the more help we need to ensure that our skin’s stay smooth, young and rejuvenated. [Read more…]

The amazing skin benefits of papaya

Papaya is a very healthy fruit and has a whole range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids to add to its health benefits. Its antioxidant properties are important for a healthy body while it has numerous benefits for maintaining a healthy skin and treating several skin disorders. [Read more…]