When friends turn foe: Autoimmunity and skin problems

You must be wondering what do I mean by ‘friend turning foe’ and who is the friend and who is the foe? Well, all of you must be aware that our immune system protects us every time there is an invasion of a foreign intruder such as a bacteria or a virus. It is our immunity which identifies, kills and eventually eliminates the pathogens. But, imagine what would happen in this scenario if your own immunity turns against you and starts treating your healthy cells as foreign intruders. Well, this is how the friend immunity becomes a foe autoimmunity leading to various skin problems which are termed as autoimmunity disorders. [Read more…]

Acne and aging: solve the two biggest skin problems from within

One of the most common problem of teenage and adults is acne and premature aging and it is also one of the most common problems which are ignored by the skin estheticians and skin doctors. The majority of professionals try to address and resolve these problems through the use of harsh chemical products on the skin and invasive procedures which change the natural system of the body and also create a completely artificial look. [Read more…]

Getting a Cavi Lipo treatment? Few tips to take care of your body

Are you going for fat reduction through ultrasound cavitation or Cavi Lipo treatments? Well, there are a few tips which will help you in getting long lasting results. [Read more…]