Get a golden glow with Turmeric

Turmeric, the golden herb has been blessed with various health benefits. It is a very effective remedy for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases; prevention of cancer and immunomodulator agent but it is also good for the skin. It is effective against skin damage and aging of mature skin and is also used as a cure for different skin problems or diseases. [Read more…]

A healthy alternative for glossy, radiant lips – LUSTER Lip Gloss

Healthy, soft and smooth lips not only enhance our appearance but our smile as well. Extremes of weather and lack of moisture lead to dry, cracked and chapped lips which are not only painful but also have a negative impact on our looks. The best way to take care of your lips is to use natural herbs and ingredients for your lips which would heal, repair and moisturize the lips in a healthy and safe way. [Read more…]

Why are herbal cosmetics in vogue today?

The world is going back to the basics. We prefer natural organically grown food, natural remedies and therapies for different ailments and natural beauty products! Why? The answer is simple. Natural products not only are effective remedies, they also enhance the appearance by simply creating a natural and physiological balance within the body, are quite safe, without any severe side effects reported so far and cost effective as well. [Read more…]