Be your own mind’s master

Psychologists all over the world have been talking about mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It can be defined as ‘a state of active, open attention on the present.’ When you are mindful, you lead your life as an experience, rather than just letting it go by. [Read more…]

De Stress with Yoga

The entire world has been raving about it and you were thinking that these incredibly difficult postures and meditation is not your cup of tea! But, if yoga can de-stress, it surely can’t be too stressful to do it? It has been scientifically proven that practising yoga has amazing health benefits such as reduced stress and tension, enhanced strength and balance, reduced blood pressure levels and cortisol levels. Yoga has proven to be irreplaceable in stress management incorporating many physical and psychological health benefits. [Read more…]

Take Charge of your Health with Mind-Body Therapies

The human mind is often compared to an untamed animal- it tends to wander around aimlessly and without control. In contrast, a well-trained mind is known to sow the seeds of success and achievements, and it is exactly what many famous personalities have in common. [Read more…]

10 New Year resolutions you should live by for a healthy, stress free life

If you have been following our blogs then you would recall that we emphasized the role of stress on our appearance and health! New Year is here and you would all be making resolutions to change your life. VIBHAlife brings to you 10 rules which you should incorporate in your daily routine as a New Year resolution to look healthy, be healthy and feel healthy! [Read more…]