5 Tips to lose weight naturally this holiday season in Minnesota

Holidays are around the corner and so are lazing around, relaxing, busy schedules, extra indulgences, and sinful foods. Endless parties, food hampers at work, and constant barrage of food causing an average Minnesotan to gain almost 1 pound of weight each holiday season! [Read more…]

Aglow Customer Christine Experience with Microcurrent Session

We believe in our client’s satisfaction and those who walk out of our doors do so with beaming smiles. Christine St. Sauver came to us for skin toning and Patti recommended Microcurrent treatments for her. Christine has been coming to us for 4 Microcurrent sessions now and with each visit her skin became a bit more radiant and her smile a bit wider. [Read more…]

The natural cure for seasonal allergies in Minnesota

As the colors of the season are changing the overbearing heat and humidity of the summers is also changing. Bright autumn days, colors of the fall, days out in countryside and festivals and celebrations are also ushered in. But the downside of this season is that it is claimed to be the peak allergy season. The most common culprit is the ragweed pollen. Seasonal allergies are one of the most significant problems which give a very difficult time to deal with. [Read more…]