Top 8 Indoor Plants for Air Purification

All of us want that every time we enter our houses, a fresh and clean air welcomes us with a gentle and soothing aroma. It is essential that the air inside our house is kept clean for driving away any possible infections or pollutants. [Read more…]

Do you know Vetiver Grass?

Vetiver is a grassy plant, widely used in India to reduce soil erosion. Herbalists use this plant to calm and ground a person’s emotional state. It has been widely used as a tonic for women suffering in PMS. [Read more…]

8 Natural Recipes for Amazing Skin

What would you say if a Board certified plastic surgeon doles out advice on natural means to defy your age? Surprised? Don’t be. [Read more…]

5 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself!

The baby never seems to stop crying, the home is always in demand of your care, there is always a stack of pending projects to be completed at work, and there has been no romantic date with husband in ages! Sounds familiar? [Read more…]

The Aroma Touch Therapy for Healthy You!

Most of us live in an environment where external as well as internal factors have a negative impact on us physically, mentally and emotionally. These negative or not so favorable lifestyle situations lead to a harmful effect on our overall health and wellbeing. This negativity also leads to an imbalance of natural homeostasis in the body. A body which is performing at sub-optimal levels is mostly affected by stress, accumulation of toxic waste inside the body, pain and inflammation and a negative autonomic balance and even hypertension. [Read more…]