Why Micro-needling is the best option

It is a hard decision to choose which option is best for your skin and which is the least invasive. Do you go with chemical peels or good old fashion exfoliation? Which products are best to use for your aftercare routine? All these questions run through your head and I am about to explain to you why you should choose Micro-needling as your solution to your skin problems. [Read more…]

Micro-current or Cavi-lipo? That is the question

Every couple of months a new machine comes out with faster and better results than the previous machine. Companies use big words to try and make their products sound ‘Elite’ and the best option out there. Truth of the matter is: each treatment has different strengthens and benefits. It is just a matter of finding the best treatment plan to suit you and your needs. This article will help you decide if Micro-current body treatments or Cavi-lipo treatments are best suited for you. [Read more…]

All you need to know about Reiki

We keep looking for techniques to reduce stress and relax ourselves with an aim to heal our body completely. You may be well-versed with the good effects of Yoga and meditation or aroma therapy in relieving stress. Aglowintroduces you to Reiki, which is a natural therapy to trigger the natural healing abilities of the body and generate overall good health. It is an excellent tool in today’s age to relieve stress. [Read more…]

Looking for a non-invasive fat loss procedure?

As a culture, we are consumed and even obsessed with fat reduction and weight loss. Daily we are exposed to “too good to be true” promotions of fat removal and weight loss techniques including of weight loss supplements, exercise regimen, and different invasive and non-invasive treatments to get that much hyped perfectly contoured body. [Read more…]