All you need to know about trigger Point Therapy

If you have experienced pain and tried to find for a completely natural and effective remedy then you share your frustration and hopelessness with many other people who are also endlessly trying to look for an end to the pain. Chronic pain has been claimed to be a destroyer, it can cause psychological, physical and social damage to the individuals suffering with pain. Now, there is a lesser known but scientifically tried and tested remedy for the pain in your neck, shoulder, arms, mid and lower back areas, hips and legs. Lie down; let your trigger points melt away and read on to know more. [Read more…]

Ayurvedic foot reflexology

Ayurvedic foot reflexology is the ancient science of India to manage various diseases and prevent many ailments associated with different systems of the body. Ayurveda believes that both feet have some points that can prevent and treat the diseases. However, ayurvedic foot reflexology has similarity with acupressure and acupuncture but it is practiced in Marma massage since 5000 years. [Read more…]