12 Factors that Affect Skin Health

Is your skin health slowly deteriorating? Are you still wondering how your skin suddenly started to appear so dull and lifeless? Keep reading to find out more about the 12 factors that have a huge impact on your skin health. [Read more…]

15 Skincare Tips you Can’t Ignore

You are what you eat, and there’s probably no other saying that turns out to be more true to the word than this one. Your skin is a complete reflection of your inner health, which is exactly why a dermatologist doesn’t just try on a couple of treatments for you and gets done with it- he’ll also ask you to follow a healthy diet and focus on what you eat. [Read more…]

The Old Aged Ghee as an Ayurvedic Medicine

The word Ghee refers to clarified butter used in most parts of South Asia for cuisine and Rituals. It is prepared by boiling butter and thereafter removing the residue from it. [Read more…]