My first ever Aromatherapy Massage

We are all brought up to love some form of massage. As babies, we get massaged daily to help with our muscles, help us bond with our parents and even help with sore tummies. [Read more…]

Acne and aging: solve the two biggest skin problems from within

One of the most common problem of teenage and adults is acne and premature aging and it is also one of the most common problems which are ignored by the skin estheticians and skin doctors. The majority of professionals try to address and resolve these problems through the use of harsh chemical products on the skin and invasive procedures which change the natural system of the body and also create a completely artificial look. [Read more…]

10 New Year resolutions you should live by for a healthy, stress free life

If you have been following our blogs then you would recall that we emphasized the role of stress on our appearance and health! New Year is here and you would all be making resolutions to change your life. VIBHAlife brings to you 10 rules which you should incorporate in your daily routine as a New Year resolution to look healthy, be healthy and feel healthy! [Read more…]

Get rid of stress with the aroma of Rosemary oil

An ever increasing number of clinical trials and in vivo and in vitro research studies have provided a definitive evidence of the role played by aromatic oils in psychological interventions. [Read more…]