Are non-surgical face lifts as effective as surgical face lifts?

Much has been said and written about the popularity and benefits of a non-surgical face lift. But is it true? Do the benefits of non-surgical face lift overshadow the risks related with the surgical face lifts? One thing is clear that the non-invasive facelift is a temporary fix affecting the early to moderately severe signs of aging, which may last from three months to two years. The surgical face lift claims of treating much more severe symptoms of aging inclusive of sagging and drooping and the effects can last up to 10 years or may be longer. [Read more…]

Invasive or non-invasive facial rejuvenations. What’s your take?

Pain. Cost. Recovery time.”
These are the three most important and decisive factors when you are out there looking for an age defying face lift. If you have done your preliminary research looking for the perfect facelift or facial rejuvenation, then you must be aware there are two types of face lifts; invasive and non-invasive. Here is a brief insight into these face lift treatments to help you make an informed and wise decision. [Read more…]