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Aglow Cavi Lipo + Microcurrent Body Treatment

Patti, I had such great results with last night’s treatment, really impressed. I will try to share news with as many people who start asking “What looks different on you”. My husband who was a little skeptical at first said “WOW, what a difference” He would however want me to save for my next treatment, which will be sometime next month. I also like the complementary water bottle with a touch of lemon. The whole experience was wonderful! I am wearing a shell top that used to fit really tight underneath a sweater and I can’t even notice that I am wearing the shell top double WOW!
Olga Jonas, St. Paul

I have been doing MicroCurrent sessions on my abs, thighs, back, torso, butt….basically everywhere and am very pleased with the results I am seeing. Patti knows how to make the most of these sessions and thus the reason I am seeing the fantastic results that I am! I would highly recommend Patti and Aglowfor people who want to add to their current diet and fitness routine to make the most of their efforts. Patti is a very kind and caring lady and always makes you feel so comfortable! ”Nothing but a great experience!” – BH (Prior Lake, MN)

When I made an appointment for microcurrent facials I had no idea I would meet an angel. From the time we first met I felt a special bond with Patti.

She is very skilled in what she does, but more important than that she is genuinely interested in each client, easy to talk to and kind beyond belief. She could almost charge for therapy sessions. LOL. I love Patti and would go anywhere to get my sessions from her.
Rose Rockney

“Patti is the truest professional in every sense of the word. She really knows how to make people feel comfortable while providing a fantastic beauty and healthcare service. She is a very skilled and talented professional and so great to work with!”
S.J. Brown

I have been lucky enough to have Patti do several treatments on me. She is a very warm, welcoming lady who instantly makes you feel like her friend. Anyone would be lucky to have her!!! Sincerely,
Heather Martin

Patti is a very good business person, timely, hard-working and truly cares about her clients. She is energetic, compassionate, a great listener. Plus she is fun and interesting!
Joni D, MN

“I recently did the MicroCurrent sessions for my abs, thighs, and arms and was thrilled with the results. Patti knew how to make the most of the sessions so that I achieved the fantastic results that I did. Plus, the best part is that the results are long-lasting in that I still see the value of the sessions, nearly two months out. I would highly recommend Patti for people who want to augment their current fitness and diet routine to make the most of their efforts. Great experience.” –
Leslie S (Minneapolis, MN)

I became a microcurrent client of Patti, I was instantly impressed with her compassion and empathy with my ‘tummy tightening issues’. She was informative and her explanation of the treatment was easy to understand and made total sense to me. I lost my fear and trusted her immediately. My results were outstanding and her suggestions and expertise were so very helpful.
Jen…. Minneapolis

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