The Ayurvedic perspective on skin wrinkles!

It is elegant and classy to age gracefully, but sometimes Mother Nature even uses a little help. There are many natural tricks and tips which you can use to reduce those tell-tale wrinkles or at least delay their onset. Let’s see how natural treatments work towards improving skin appearance!


Ayurveda’s take on skin ageing
As per Ayurveda, proper moisture balance (Kapha in balance), effective metabolic function, proper coordination between all the various chemical and hormonal reactions in the skin cells (Pitta cells) and efficient circulation of blood and nutrients to the skin layers (Vata in balance). Three most important factors keeping skin healthy are:

  • Nutritional fluid: supplying nutrients to the body tissues and keep skin healthy
  • Blood: for skin purification
  • Muscle: provides firmness to the skin
  • Efficient removal of waste also keeps the skin refined and healthy. Any natural treatment will be effective if it takes care of the above concerns thereby delaying the ageing as well improving the appearance of the skin.

How does Ayurveda help as an anti-ageing treatment?
An Ayurvedic herbal anti-ageing treatment works on 9 principles. These are;
Vayasthapana: it refers to anti-ageing effect, where a herbal product or formula helps in arresting the youthfulness of skin by nourishing the skin and retaining its complete health. Herbs like Gotu Kola have been used for these purposes and are also known to have profound effects on enhancing collagen synthesis.

Varnya: The Ayurvedic herbs used function to enhance the radiance and complexion of the skin and return the youthful radiance of the skin. The herbs used in Ayurveda to enhance youthful radiance are Flame of forest, costus, silk cotton tree, rose petals and Indian redwood.

Sandhanya: The Ayurvedic herbs are used to heal the regular wear and tear of the skin cells and initiate the regenerative process of the skin cells. Through this repair, the anti-ageing effects are alleviated. The Ayurvedic herbs used for protecting the skin from damage are sensitive plant which has been clinically known to repair skin damage from scratches, climatic changes such as ageing effects of the sun, wind, dryness, heat and cold and regular wear and tear of the skin.

Branropana: This principle aims at deep healing. The use of branropana enhances the skin’s ability to heal wounds. Herbs like Gotu Kola and sensitive plant have been used for deep healing properties.

Twachya: These Ayurvedic herbs maintain the moisture balance and provide nourishment to the skin. These herbs function to enhance skin functions and nurture it. Several Ayurvedic herbs have been used to feed the deeper layers of the skin, provide long term nourishment to the skin to prevent it from anti-ageing. Some of these herbs are grape fruit extract, natural sources of Vitamin A, C and E, Costus, and Rose petals.

Shothahara: These herbs are majorly responsible for anti-inflammatory effect of the skin. These protect the skin against any allergens, inflammatory substances, chemicals and stress. The herbs used to protect the skin from inflammatory effects are rose petals, costus, silk cotton tree and Aloe Vera.

Twachagnivardhan: These herbs are aimed at strengthening the metabolic function of the skin. By enhancing the metabolic functions of the skin, these herbs enhance the health and luster of the skin. Some of the herbs used as Twachagnivardhan are Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera which help in alleviating the imbalances in the skin caused by accumulated toxins, cellulite, aging skin and weakened immunity to skin allergens and diseases.

Twagrasayana: Ayurvedic herbs which promote longevity and well-being. The Twagrasayana herbs prevent ageing and damage to the skin, nourish the mind and bring about an overall rejuvenation of the body.

Bhrajakta: These Ayurvedic herbs are hypoallergenic in nature. These herbs maintain the balance between nutrient fluid, blood and muscle to improve the immunity of body to protect itself from allergens.

Ayurvedic products
There are many topical Ayurvedic products such as youthful skin creams and lotions available which are made as a combination of the above 9 principles. Ayurvedic treatments are also available for skin rejuvenation and overall skin lifting for better and radiant health. The herbal treatments use an elaborate range of Ayurvedic herbs fulfilling the desired actions of each of the Ayurvedic principles.


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