The double benefit of microcurrent and Bio Light facelift!

Bio light face lifts improves the skin conditions visibly. Through the light therapy layers of the skin are fed with “nutrition” to the skin which helps in improving and enhancing the blood circulation, drainage of the lymph and removal of the toxins.

microcurrent bio light

The ‘light’ facial also regenerates the collagen and restores the elastin in the skin making it smooth, firm, moisturized and elastic. The skin becomes healthy and has an improved absorptive and penetrating power as well.

The microcurrent facial followed after a bio light facial amplifies the effect of the bio light facial. It generates low current mimicking the bio current of the skin to heal, restore and repair the cells, enhancing their permeability and allowing a more effective and efficient movement of toxins and nutrition in and out of the cells thereby enhancing the energy of the sagging skin cells.

The unique combination with dual effects

The combined effect of the two on the skin creates a much more pronounced rejuvenation of the skin, healing it from inside as well as outside. The microcurrent and bio light facelifts have the following unique benefits;

  1. Activation of the skin cells
  2. Improve the production of energy
  3. Restore and regenerate the formation of endogenous collagen in the skin
  4. Reveals a younger and rejuvenated face.

The two latest and result oriented technologies team up for a great: non-invasive” facelift. The Bio Light therapy has many antiaging benefits;

  1. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Effectively clears off acne
  3. Enhances natural production of collagen, increase the blood cells carrying oxygen, increase energy formation.
  4. Treats abnormal pigmentation
  5. Tightens skin

There are seven wavelengths from which the desired one can be chosen based on the skin problem as each one will show a different response on the skin.

The microcurrent therapy can amplify the effects of the light therapy facelifts. Microcurrent stimulation enhances the body’s organic skin enhancement compounds on the cellular level. Microcurrent therapy boosts the production of energy, production of collagen and elastin; enhance blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and generation of collagen and elastin and formation of fresh glucose.

Both these non-invasive facelifts are associated with the dispersal of the hardened collagen which may be present as a scar, formation of protein, and improved product penetration. With each and every facelift procedure, the amount of energy formed within the cells is piling up and the benefits become greater and greater. The light therapy is enhancing the formation of energy making the muscle tissues to remain in the re-educated positions for longer periods of time. The much elevated circulation of the blood in the skin enhances and improves the functionality, condition, coloring, complexion, and general health of the skin.

Microcurrent and Bio Light help in the revival of the dull, sagging skin and also gives a new lease of life to the aging skin. The two treatments go hand in hand to rejuvenate and provide care to skin in a synergistic fashion. Bio Light increases the penetration of the nutrients and skin care products into the skin and microcurrent allows for their enhanced absorption into dermal layers of the skin.

Microcurrent heals and rejuvenates the skin by offering a non-invasive treatment of sagging and severely wrinkled skin; it cleans pores and blackheads, firms and tightens the superficial muscles and relaxes the excessively contracted muscles, enhances the absorption of products and increased circulation to the skin and blood purification of the skin.

The added advantage of Bio Light facial is that it offers a plethora of skin care benefits and skin treatments. 7 different wavelengths or frequencies can be used and each color has a unique function in the skin treatment. Red light treats aging wrinkled skin, reducing sagging and burning fat. Blue light treats the acne and reduces the related redness, inflammation and production of sebum and oil. Green light treats the under eye bags, under eye circles, sun spots. Yellow light tackles the pigmentation of the skin. Purple light is effective in regenerating skin by creating new skin cells. Cyan light when used along with microcurrent soothes calms and heals the skin along with the promotion of and fortifying the effect of microcurrent. White light is good for acne, wrinkles, abnormal pigmentation, sagging of the skin, enhances mood and well-being.

Bio Light and microcurrent face lift rejuvenates regenerates and heals the aging, dull skin with the added benefit that this unique combination can also treat specific skin issues.

Other advantages of the combination

The dual technology face lift has many other advantages in addition to skin rejuvenation and unique skin care and treatments functions.

  1. The treatment is completely non-invasive
  2. There is no pain, swelling, inflammation, or discomfort present during the treatment
  3. There is no downtime needed and you can resume the day’s work from where you left
  4. The results can be seen after one treatment itself, but a series of well-paced sessions creates dramatic and long lasting effect on the skin.
  5. The devices used in the treatments are FDA approved.
  6. They can be used by anyone for rejuvenating, maintaining or healing the skin
  7. The treatments are completely natural and work by enhancing and regenerating the natural physiology of the skin.

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