The Latest in Natural Beauty Therapies

One of the revolutionary alternatives to cosmetic surgery is the vibrational beauty therapy integrating two natural processes for immediate and long term effects this novel system works by combining Microcurrent therapy which tones and sculpts the facial muscles and the beauty light therapy which stimulates a natural regeneration and repair of cells.

Natural Beauty Therapies

What is it?
Research studies have clearly shown that a low level electrical stimulation (Microcurrent) and customized color will bring together a facial rejuvenation treatment system which will significantly improves the appearance of the skin and acts as a natural eraser of the skin damage without disrupting the surface of the skin.

What goes inside, shows outside
Organic weaknesses and dysfunctions, natural imbalances are seen visibly on the face in the form of dark circles, pale or lusterless skin, blemishes, acne, excessive wrinkling and so on. it has been seen that therapies like acupuncture, Ayurvedic massages or Microcurrent massages on appropriate stimulation points on the skin surface produces beneficial effects on the internal organs and blood.

What works for facial rejuvenation?
There are many therapies and systems which are used for facial rejuvenation involving the direct stimulation of the face through various natural strategies and means. These basically include an electrical stimulation, acupuncture, needles, heat, massages, herbs or light. All these natural therapies are effective for lifting and rejuvenating effects on the face.

How does it work?
These natural treatments work through adjustment of muscle tone, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, stimulation of collagen production and an adjustment of the energy pressure points that connect the face with the internal system. The application of electrical current or light stimulates the face in enhancing the subtle energy communication between the face and the body.

How is it done?
The various lines and vital points on the face and body are stimulated with a combination of low frequency Microcurrent electrical stimulation and color light. Microcurrent functions by stimulating nerves, muscle fibers, enhancing blood circulation and increases the production of collagen and elastin proteins, while color light enhances subtle regulatory and cellular communication system throughout the body. This combination therapy has been proven in clinical trials to be a more superior and long lasting facial.

What is a therapy session like?
Every combination therapy session is customized for the client based on their skin and body type. The Microcurrent is delivered on vital points through scientifically proven massage techniques. A series of different colors of light during a session including the custom color selected for the client. This therapy brings out the best results when the treatment is directed through acupuncture points.

Comprised of about seven phases, each session is applied to the client lying on a recliner or massage couch. A Microcurrent device and light generator is used to deliver the Microcurrent and color frequency. A specifically designed device is also present to deliver the dual stimulation. A session lasting about an hour is a relaxing and comfortable treatment session.

What’s good about it?
It is no needle approach towards the acupuncture point stimulation utilizing Microcurrent and color light stimulation. It is a completely painless, non-toxic and non-invasive system for facial rejuvenation. The procedure in this therapy is absolutely safe and painless.

Skin care products
In every phase of treatment, Microcurrent and light are applied on the face using some skin care products. All the skin care products are completely natural products like bio-electrical gel, moisturizer, healing mist, healing cream, cleanser, and mud masks. The constituents of these skin care products are 100% natural inclusive of ionized water, Aloe Vera, virgin oils, gem essences, antioxidants and various other natural ingredients which nurture and restore the health and tone of the face.

The essential benefits
The Microcurrent and beauty light treatments are a totally natural therapy used to diminish the facial lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin firmness and oxygenation, improved facial tone and contour, accelerated skin repair, natural eraser of skin blemishes and scars caused by acne, eczema or sun tan, under eye circles, and treatment of wrinkles. The treatment gives visible effect immediately after one treatment.

This combination facial has been found to be essentially useful in delivering a healthy glow to the skin through facial rejuvenation.


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