The magic of facial exercises in facial rejuvenation

We all keep reading about exercises and work outs to tone our bodies. But has anyone ever told you about facial exercises for a more toned and rejuvenated skin? Well, Aglowintroduces you to the basics of natural facelift.

facial exercises

There are muscles in the face which need working out to maintain their sharp contours and features. Through completely natural means which will have no negative effects on your skin, facial toning is achieved through a set of simple exercises. The exercises can very well form a part of your daily routine and help you in getting a more toned appearance of the face.

Does it work?
Practitioners have promoted the self-use of rubbing and aerobics routine for the face as a routine practice to expose your face to a unique and completely natural blend of facial exercises which will be extremely beneficial for skin rejuvenation. The simplest of these exercises involve the use of your finger tips to result in an instant face lifting and toning of the underlying muscles. In fact it has been said that the more your face is exposed to the flexing workouts, the better will be the appearance of your skin and improved reduction in the firming and wrinkles.

The tool used in this natural toning methodology is your own fingertips. This is a completely natural face lift which employs the fingers for applying rubbing, pulling and stretching treatments to the muscles of the throat and face, tissues lying beneath and the epidermis itself. The stimulation of the facial muscles helps in enhancing the blood and energy flow within the face which ultimately results in toned and gorgeous appearance. It is a special type of facial stimulation working along the energy meridians thus producing anti-aging benefits.

No need to go under the knife
It is true that facial exercises cannot alter your bone structure but what it can do is achieve re-shaping of the muscles lying beneath the face. This helps in plumping up bony cheeks, honing the neck, erasing or at least diminishing bulging eye bags, losing facial fat or chubbiness and giving the eyes a wider look. With the tightening of the facial muscles you can also experience an improvement in your complexion. Hence, it has been said time and again that regular and correct facial exercise can definitely produce age defying benefits.

How does it work?
The facelift workouts make use of rubbing, kneading, pulling, and stretching of the facial muscles. These are not at all strenuous in nature and do not take up much of your time. During the facial exercise, the muscles expand and pull the skin towards the bone of the skull. This helps in the tightening and raising the skin. It irons out the wrinkles on the epidermis and tissue. It also leads to disappearance of the shallow folds on the skin. It also increases blood flow which helps in the nourishment of the cells in the body. Added to this, it also boosts the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This causes the tautening and elevation of the once saggy skin and results in a more glowing and vital skin full of colour.

Do it again and again
Facial reflexing exercises are no magic and cannot work in a day or two. It is a process which will take just a few minutes of your time but when done over prolonged periods will give you better and long lasting results. In short, you can say the more you put in, the more you achieve.

The basic exercises
These exercises can be done while you are performing other activities and involve the working out of different parts of the face. The exercises help in the working out of the jaws, forehead, lips and cheeks, double chin and eyes. These simple exercises help in preventing the jaw skin from sagging, erase worry lines and any lines in the forehead, exercises neck and prevents double chin, and prevent formation of eye bags.

More complicated exercises
These facial exercises are aimed at resolving deeper problems of the facial skin. In this exercise you are required to touch and pull the skin on your face. These exercises work for;
1. Crow’s feet: This involves placing your hand on your temples and then pulling the skin on the forehead away. Lift your eyebrow separately and hold the pose simultaneously. Repetition of this facial exercise for about 10 times can tighten the skin on the forehead and prevent formation of Crow’s feet or worry lines.
2. Cheeks: As they say “smile is the key to all the locks in the world!” smiling really wide and pressing down the cheekbones by placing index fingers on them can help in firming up the cheek. In this exercise after pressing the cheekbone, an individual is asked to smile harder going against the pressure applied by the index finger.
3. Eye bags: by placing the index fingers between your eyebrows and the thumbs at the temples, squeeze your eyes shut, simultaneously pull the index fingers between the eye brows and the thumb placed at the temple in the outward direction in order to stretch the skin between the two fingers. This facial exercise should be repeated 10 times to reduce the bags under the eyes.

Facial engineering
When combined with facial gymnastics and stimulation therapy which involves repetitive movements on acupressure energy or trigger points , facial exercises work on the underlying muscles to provide benefits such as easing out wrinkles, smoothening of the lined or slack skin and keeping the muscles strengthened, toned and supple. The facial exercises and manipulation are part of face toning therapy which makes you the owner of wrinkle free and firmer face and neck.

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