The Old Aged Ghee as an Ayurvedic Medicine

The word Ghee refers to clarified butter used in most parts of South Asia for cuisine and Rituals. It is prepared by boiling butter and thereafter removing the residue from it.


Did you know that Ghee is known as a Traditional Medicine?
Most of you may not know that ghee is known as a traditional medicine, this is because you all are not that familiar with Ayurveda. Ayurveda considers Ghee to have seven graces hidden within it. In fact you may also not know that ghee is one of the main ingredients in some homemade Ayurvedic medicines.

The Ayurvedic medicines containing clarified butter include Phala Ghrata, Indukanta Ghrata, and Rahmi Ghrata. It is also used in most villages of India to cure diseases related to Pitta Dosh. A person suffering with ulcer and constipation may also use ghee as a part of his daily diet.

Qualities of Ghee
Are you acquainted to Ghee, or do you know what the good qualities of Ghee are? Well if you don’t then let me share a few secrets related to the quality of pure ghee with you.

  • The use of pure ghee may slow down the aging of a person by balancing the living one.
  • Ghee being smooth, nurturing, and lubricated may make your voice soft and melodious.
  • In the ancient times our forefathers made a small dam around their eyes with pure ghee. They did this after closing their eyes. When they opened their eyes they saw the world with love and awe, they felt as if they were in a new and happy world. The basic quality of ghee was revealed here. It is a smoothening agent and anyone who applied it around their eyes in the ancient times felt the graces of ghee being bestowed upon them, and this helped them to view the world with a new perspective.
  • This somehow also tells us that ghee was a natural nurturing agent.

Benefits of Ghee

On Skin:
Ghee may be used as a natural massaging agent for your body. Massaging your body with ghee would help you to remain fit and fine till your old age.

Aged Ghee is somehow considered the best among all the pure ghee of the world. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the ghee made by your great grand parents may generally be passed down to your parents as it may be considered to be very beneficial and important. In case if a child in your family is badly wounded the first thing that would pop up in the mind of your parents is to apply aged pure ghee on the wounded part of the body. This is because aged ghee is an ointment and a cooling agent. The application of aged ghee on the wounded part may result in cooling and quick recovery of the wound.

Ghee is also used as bath oil. Applying ghee before bath may help you to have smooth skin that would last for a life time.

Ghee may also be applied on fire burns for quick recovery.

What maybe astonishing for you is that ghee is an excellent face moisturizer. All girls above 15 should use pure ghee on face as a facial moisturizer to receive the goodness of soft and smooth skin.

Ghee should be applied on eyes in case of fatigue or tiredness. Application of ghee on eyes may help you to feel at ease and relaxed.

From the ancient times till today people in few rural villages of India practice a traditional method to check nosebleed. They place a few drops of ghee in the nostrils of a person suffering from nosebleed. This practice may also help a person to be relieved from headache.

On Hair:
Did you know Ghee is very useful for dry and dull hair?

Try using minimum amount of ghee on your hair. This would help in deep conditioning your hair.

Ghee is also helpful in growing hair. For those of you who want long and strong hair, the use of ghee at least once in a week is mandatory.

Those who are bald should apply ghee everyday on their head. Daily application of ghee on head may result in regrowth of hair.

Internal Use:
The consumption of ghee early in the morning may help you to clear your bowel movements. Consumption of ghee may also heal stomach ulcers.  The inclusion of ghee in your daily diet may help you to remain strong, healthy and free from all diseases.

Home Remedies
If you want to apply ghee on your skin and remain unaffected then do the following:

  • Take 10 ounce of ghee
  • Add equal quantity of water to it
  • Mix it
  • Apply this mixture on your face
  • Allow the mixture to remain on your face for about 10 minutes.
  • Wash it off with normal or cold water

Ayurveda would advise you to repeat the application of this mixture for about 100 times to obtain the best results. However, repetition of the application of this mixture 20- 30 times would also work wonders.

This mixture is mainly useful for obtaining soft and smooth skin. A daily application of this mixture may help in the recovery of burn wounds, scars, herpes wounds, old sore scars, etc.

However, you must remember to use pure Ghee only for such cases.

Pure ghee is also an excellent body massaging agent. You can rub ghee on your head, limbs, chest, orifices, and joints. Rubbing or massaging would allow the ghee to penetrate directly into your body tissues. A daily massage may enhance your body immune system, and would keep you healthy and strong forever.

Pure ghee can also be used as bathing oil. All you need to do is:
a)      Take a few tablespoons of pure Ghee in a bowl.
b)      Add coconut or mustard oil to it.
c)      Blend it.
d)      Apply this portion 15 minutes before bath
e)      You would get a silky smooth skin immediately after bath.

Pure ghee has positive effects when used on skin and hair. The consumption of pure ghee as a part of the daily diet is also very healthy. But, in case if you are suffering from obesity or some skin disease avoid the consumption of ghee at all costs and avoid its application on skin.


  1. You have said that Pure ghee can also be used as bathing oil,
    while taking bath we can use soap or we should take bath with out soap

  2. Ghee made me lose weight so why tell people who are overweight not to take? It stimulates bile production and help burn fat.

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