The role of light in photo rejuvenation. What makes Bio Light unique?

Originally used for the treatment of cancer, skin problems and pain relief, LED light therapy is a photo rejuvenation of the skin with amazing anti-aging benefits.

light facial

It not only works against the effects of aging but is also an effective remedy for acne. Dermatologists and skin aestheticians around the world are using this technology as an effective anti-aging therapy as well as to alleviate a number of skin pathologies The numerous benefits of Bio Light face lift can be enumerated as:

  1. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Treat and abolish acne
  3. Increase the formation of collagen and regenerate skin cells
  4. Has anti-inflammatory effect on acne, reduces redness and enhances the formation of red blood cells
  5. Energizes the cell by increasing the energy production
  6. Tightens sagging skin, effectively treats abnormal skin pigmentation.

The role of different colors

The different wavelengths in LED light produce different effects on the skin pathology and hence result in a different benefit. These are discussed below;

Color Function Effect on skin
Red Stimulates collagen formation Treats aging skin

Diminishes the wrinkles

Reduces sagging of the skin

Burns fat

Treatment of acne

Blue Kills propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria causing acne Treatment of acne

Reduces redness, inflammation,

Reduces sebum and oil production

Green Stimulates the formation of energy in the form of ATP

Increases the activity of DNA and RNA

Treats dilated capillaries

Reduces sagging around the eye

Treats dark circles

Reduces hyperpigmentation or sun spots

Firms sagging breasts

Yellow Stimulates formation of red blood cells

Improves blood circulation

Improves lymph drainage and lymphatic function

Treats abnormal pigmentation
Purple Reduces telomeres of DNA to make them like stem cells Skin cell regeneration
Cyan Anti-inflammatory

Reduces the size of dilated capillaries

Soothes, calms and heals the skin
White Includes all wavelengths at lower intensity Treatment of wounds, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, abnormal pigmentation, sagging skin, rejuvenation


The LED light therapy

LED used in BIO Light facial are ‘light emitting’ diodes which are capable of producing light. The light produced is of different frequency or wavelength depending on the semiconductors used in the diode to produce light.

During the light therapy, light is directed to the skin to smooth the wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin. It can grow, rejuvenate and heal damaged skin. This LED light therapy is a non-invasive remedy activating the damaged skin cells. During the therapy session the light energy is pumped into the skin cells and transformed into cellular energy to reverse the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, enlarged pores and mottled skin tone. The absorbed light also stimulates the skin cells to form new collagen which makes the skin healthy and plump and also slows down the breakdown of the existing collagen.

How does it work?

The light waves energize the cell whose function is the production of the collagen and inhibits the production of enzyme which breaks down the collagen. Cell production and turnover is also increased leading to regeneration of the skin. Researchers have also said that light energy through a complex process is transformed into the cellular energy in the skin.

The biological system of our body and skin has a unique absorption spectrum and determines which light wavelength can be absorbed to elicit a therapeutic effect. The light photons are absorbed by the skin and the deeper lying tissues beneath and trigger biological changes in the body which is scientifically known as “Bio modulation.” Some researchers have stated that a single colored light increases the circulation of oxygen and blood thus helping in healing.

The highly concentrated light beams reach the inner layers of the skin to cause the production of collagen. Researchers have said that the light therapy works by activating the molecules of oxygen in the aging skin which brings about the rejuvenation of the skin. When light sensitive medicine is applied before the light therapy, there is an enhancement in the absorption of the medicine in the skin. It leads to the formation of the increased amounts of protein which helps in the growth and development of new skin cells and the skin cells also become thicker. There was also a noticeable increase in the concentration of enzymes and other chemicals related with the production of collagen.

The blue and red light

There are specific light colors which kill acne bacteria. The red and blue wavelengths are most effective in treating acne. Red light reaches the deeper layers of the skin and activates hemoglobin.  It helps in blocking some blood supply to the sebaceous glands which produce oil so that the pores do not become oily. Blue light penetrates the pores on the skin and kills the bacteria causing acne.

The blue light can reach the deeper layers of the skin and activate some chemicals known as porphyrins which are present in the outer layers of the cell membrane of the acne causing bacteria. When these chemicals start vibrating in harmony with that specific wavelength the outer membrane is ruptured, internal contents of the cell ooze out, killing the bacteria within 48 hours of the therapy. The red light has a synergistic action in acne treatment and works by reaching the level of the cells producing sebum (sebocytes) and prevents the blockade of the pores.

The light therapy (especially blue and red light) is most effective in reducing inflammation on the skin. The whiteheads and the blackheads are also inflamed and hence light therapy helps in not only bringing down the inflammation but also in keeping the clogged pores open. The results of the treatment will be seen over several therapy sessions but you can definitely see an improvement in the reduction in the size of the cysts and nodules and a clear skin after the first treatment session.

The uniqueness of the LED light therapy is not only in reversing the signs of aging and the treatment of acne, but the fact that different results can be achieved through the absorption of different colors makes it especially unique.

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