The Silva Method for Mind-Body Healing: How Does it Work?

Mind-Body healing practises and therapies are getting increasingly popular, and for many good reasons- mostly because they are non invasive in nature, and also because they allow the individual more control over his own body.

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Among the many different forms of mind body healing practises, there is one name that stands out to be the most popular and prominent- the Silva method.

So what exactly is the Silva method? How does it work? Is it really effective? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Silva Life System?
Simply put, the Silva Life system is a mind empowerment program that teaches you how to reprogram your subconscious mind and overcome your shortcomings as an individual, and thereby open up the pathways to empower yourself in all areas of life.

Many mind body therapies and approaches are used to tackle physical and health problems, but the Silva life method is designed to do just that, and more.

Does it Really Work?
While mind body medicine is a relatively new form of therapy, it is being used in many different parts of the world, and is thought to have many scientific studies and researches backing its credibility too.

Many individuals who have tried the program bet by the techniques and exercises provided to them. Of course, there are a few skeptics who believe that these techniques are nothing more than a placebo, and they occur because you really expect them to, but a huge number of people have reported that these exercises helped them overcome their addictions and other psychological problems and get back onto their path to success.

In fact, many prominent names including Dr Edward Knab, Robert Stiller and even the New York Times have endorsed this program.

How Does it Work?
The Silva method works on a basic principle- when the mind is given suggestions in a particular meditative state, it acts accordingly without question. If you follow the Silva method religiously, you become a conscious creator of your life.

Infact, a well known Japanese scientist by the name Masaru Emoto has even proved through his exercises that the mind is an extremely powerful tool, and it has the power to make changes in the physical reality too, when controlled. He found that the molecular structure of water could be changes by simply focusing and intending on it.

What’s more, many other studies have revealed how using mind power, it is capable for an individual to change the shape in which ice crystals form.

A Closer Look into the System
The Silva method is largely aimed at helping you reach your personal goals by accessing the power of your mind and getting the best benefits out of it. There are 4 basic steps to the Silva life system- mind body management, activation of intuition, problem solving and healing.

The Silva method focusing on harnessing the effects of deep meditative states on your mind, and once the mind enters this alpha state of awareness, several exercises, some of which involve suggestions, are carried out.

The Silva method also includes many dream control exercises and helps you address your sleep properly. Conversely, it also introduces some tips and tricks to stay focused when you feel drowsy or tired.

This method also allows you to tap your inner consciousness and activate your intuition, which in turn, helps you get more in touch with your gut feeling. From managing pain to building self esteem and get more in control of your emotions, the Silva method can help you achieve success in many different spheres of life.

Who Can Benefit from the System?
Just like other therapies and practices, the efficacy of the Silva method is largely dependent on your commitment towards it. If you’re a weekend thinker or expecting a miracle overnight, you’re in store for some disappointment.

However, if you commit yourself to practicing and devoting your time towards it, you will observe impressive positive effects in every sphere of your life. Remember that it takes time for everyone to address and overcome their limiting beliefs and get over their personal barriers, but at the end of it all, you will learn some skills that will help you throughout your life, which will be nothing less than a miracle solution for your personal growth.

Some Key Techniques
If you’re interested in learning more about how the Silva method actually works, here’s a quick gist of its key practices and techniques.

  • Cancel Cancel: This practice is a gem in the entire practice of Silva method- it targets the most common hindrance in spiritual growth- negative beliefs. Every time you feel a negative thought or mental image coming up, immediately target that suggestion by simply saying ‘cancel cancel’ to yourself in the mind.
  • The Mental Workshop: This visualization exercise is effective, especially for those who are new to creative visualization. In your mind’s eye, envision a laboratory that is equipped with every tool that you need to reach your goal, and a giant screen, where you will visualize things and see them transforming into reality on the screen.
  • Dreaming Programming: This method can prove to be quite effective for those looking to enhance their problem solving abilities. This method is thought to help you utilize your ignored fountain of creativity. While in a meditative state, give yourself a suggestion that once you fall asleep, your brain will give you a set of ideas that would help you solve your problem effectively- simple as that!
  • Suggestions: This method is basically a form of autosuggestion. When the mind is in the alpha state (a state of absolute relaxation), it is more open to receiving suggestions without the interference of the conscious mind (the voice in the back of the mind that keeps telling you why it can’t happen). By consciously placing positive suggestions regularly, one can experience a dramatic change in the physical self and realm.

Apart from these, many other stunningly effective practices are a part of the Silva method, that are explained in detail.

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