Top 10 reasons why you should practice yoga daily

All round fitness
Regular practice of yoga keeps you physically fit, emotionally stable and mentally balanced. The postures, breathing exercises and meditation are all a holistic approach towards self-healing and creating an absolute fitness.

Top 10 reasons why you should practice yoga daily

Weight loss
Yes, Yoga does give you the universal benefit of shedding those extra pounds through daily and dedicated practice. Sun salutations and Kapal Bharti are Yoga forms which alter the needs of our body and hence keep a check on weight.

Stress relief
Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever. A few minutes of Yoga during the day can help you in getting rid of the stress which has a tendency of accumulating daily. Yoga postures, Pranayama, and meditation are effective techniques to release stress.

Peace of mind
Yoga can let you develop inner peace. Yoga is one of the best techniques to calm a disturbed mind.

Improved immunity
Yoga postures aim at massaging the organs, strengthening the muscles, improving the blood circulation and releasing stress and hence the general immunity of the body is enhanced.

Living with self-awareness
Yoga helps you to come to terms with your own mind and prevents oneself from being stressed or worked up. It relaxes the mind, creates an awareness bringing the mind back to the present to help it stay content and focused.

Improved relationships
A relaxed, happy, content and balanced mind can nurture family ties and maintain healthy relationships with spouse, parents, family and friends. Yoga and, meditation continuously channelize the energy of the mind keeping it happy and peaceful and helps in keeping better relationships.

Increased vigor and energy
Regular Yoga practice can help you ease out the stress and strain of daily multitasking and also keeps you fresh and energetic helping you steer through the day successfully.

Enhanced flexibility and improved posture
Daily yoga in your routine can help you in gaining a strong, supple and flexible body. Regular and correct practice of Yoga stretches and tones the body muscles and strengthens them. A correct posture is one of the milestones of getting rid of the body pain which may be due to incorrect posture.

Intuitive power
Yoga and meditation can improve your intuition and enables you in taking quick and wise decisions. It helps you in taking steps which would have positive outcome by increasing your awareness and intuition.

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