Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Get a Microcurrent Face Lift!

Recently, a chiropractor from St. Louis quoted in The Post “A Microcurrent  face-lift can be performed to improve muscle tone in the face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.”

Microcurrent Face Lift

Undoubtedly, Microcurrent is one of the pioneering technologies coming up in the beauty clinics and spas. If you have been following this space, then all your technical, personal, financial and informational queries must have been answered. But, if it still couldn’t give you that much needed push let me state the obvious 20 reasons that you should try a Microcurrent therapy session once!

  1. Ageless beauty: Microcurrent therapy reduces the process of ageing by enhancing blood circulation to the muscles and cells of the skin. It increases the amount of nutrients reaching the skin. It is extremely useful in eliminating toxic waste through lymphatic drainage, restores natural functions of the skin and improves skin function. All these go towards giving your skin an age defying aura!
  2. The radiant skin: Immediately after a Microcurrent session you can expect to have a radiant, youthful and natural complexion. People are bound to compliment you on your glowing skin!
  3. Water, water everywhere! : If you were troubled with dehydrated skin before the therapy commenced, worry no more. One session of Microcurrent hydrates your skin forcing solutions into the skin. It closes the dilated pores on the skin.
  4. Clean and clear! : Microcurrent therapy helps you reduce all the blemishes, scar tissue, pigmentation marks and stretch marks.
  5. Fastest route to get rid of those wrinkles: Microcurrent stimulates the muscles of the face, it firms and tones the skin by triggering the smooth muscles fibers to undergo natural contraction, strengthen the texture and elasticity of the skin and hence smoothen and refine the folds in the facial skin. It accelerates the production of collagen so that the skin doesn’t become thin or lose.
  6. No more dark circles: Microcurrent therapy has reduced the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
  7. No side effects: There are no known side effects associated with Microcurrent so far. There is no down time required, and nothing out of ordinary that you have to do to protect your sensitized skin as in certain other therapies.
  8. Painless: Microcurrent only involves delivery of minute quantity of currents mimicking the body’s own electrical system and hence there is no pain while getting the therapy. The sessions are totally relaxing, reminiscent of a Swedish massage.
  9. Not only for your face: Microcurrent therapy is not only intended for your face but it tones the jaws, cheek, eyes, neck, hands, arms, bust, stomach, thighs, legs and other body parts as well. It also heals chronic cases of acne. It has also been used for raising the eyebrows.
  10. A technology par excellence: Microcurrent technology is world class and belongs to the next generation. The face sculpting is targeted to produce results and show effects at a cellular level. The Microcurrent machinations used in NeurotriS are unique and a world apart from all other techniques in this field in that it uses patented technologies like specific frequency signatures, telomolecualr nano technology, and constant wave morphology. If these sound like technical jargon to you it would be suffice to understand that a full spectrum of energies is used to achieve skin tightening and toning, skin refinement, wrinkle reduction, increased collagen and elastin, face lifting, product penetration and more.
  11. Extremely affordable: The therapy is affordable and anyone can get it done. The maintenance and booster sessions are also typically low and hence do not burn a hole in your pocket!
  12. No inconvenience: There are no chemicals used in the entire procedure. So, without the introduction of a foreign body inside you or without letting your skin under the knife, you achieve “dream come true” results. The only chemicals that are applied during the entire session are conducting facial gels to lubricate and provide a conducting medium for the facial probes and ion spray specially formulated to facilitate the maximum and even distribution of energy.
  13. Relish in spa like surroundings: The Microcurrent sessions are one of those sessions where you will be given a chance for complete relaxation through massages and a peaceful, serene environment. There will be no discomfort felt during or after the session. Your esthetician can also explain the significance of each and every movement if you so desire.
  14. A therapy for all: It is a therapy for all whether you are looking for relief from a specific problem or you want a complete face lift. Microcurrent has something to offer to everyone. There are different treatment modules such as complete facelift, deep wrinkle treatment, brow lift/under eye treatment, neck sculpting an arm treatment.
  15. Quality assured: The Microcurrent machines ensure medical quality of high standards for not only the clients but also to the staff using it. All the machines are FDA registered and also approved for medical standards from various authorities such as UL, CL, and CSA medical grade standards.  It has been approved by the California Department of Public Health for medical standards.

Beauty is skin deep and Microcurrent believes in it!

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