Top 5 natural steps to increase longevity

All of us know that curing diseases and taking measures to prevent diseases or unhealthy conditions in the body is the best way to lead a long and healthy life. Well, think again. Latest research done by various scientists has proven that the best way to lead a healthy life is to live a longer life. Thus, a longer life has been proven to be a better life without any medical intervention. Medical intervention may increase your lifespan but not the quality of life.

In fact in Ayurveda the stress is on treating the individual and not the disease and this also forms one of the branches in Ayurveda and is termed as ‘Rasayana.”  We at Aglowhave compiled a 5 step approach towards increasing longevity.

Even a half an hour brisk walk thrice a week helps in literally reversing your psychological age by almost 10 years. Added to this, aerobic power as well as strength and flexibility of the muscles are also enhanced and improved. It has also been proven that muscle and bone loss can be prevented and even reversed through regular exercise and weight training. This applies to menopausal women in who exercise and weight training can increase the bone density and also increase the strength of the bones. The most important thing to keep in mind here is a commitment to daily exercise in order to achieve the goals of increasing life expectancy, improve health and energy level.

Make natural supplements a part of your daily diet

Healthy diet is another key to longevity.  Experts all over the world believe that nutrition plays an important role in bringing a healthier and longer life. Poor diet, lack of physical activity and genetic susceptibility can all increase the risk for diseases and also reduce the life. Owing to this reason, stress is laid upon the inclusion of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, foods lower in calories and high nutrition diet.

Conditions such as inflamed joints, flagging memory and failing eyesight which are associated with aging conditions can be prevented by making a healthy, nutritious and good eating plan. Antioxidants and whole legumes have been reported to be extremely useful in combating aging or at least slowing the process of aging. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanins fight against the free radicals which cause cell damage. It is also recommended that protein, calcium and Vitamin D are made an essential part of diet while saturated fats and other Trans components in the diet are reduced to a minimum for the anti-aging effects of the diet. certain food items which you should pick for leading a healthy and long life are nuts, fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and low fat dairy.

De stress
It is commonly known scientific fact that stress in life leaves long term unhealthy effects on the body. Added to this binge eating and smoking also adds to the stress and unhealthy effects. The best way to enhance longevity is to de-stress yourself. There are numerous ways in which stress can be reduced such as getting proper sleep, relaxation techniques, mediation, improving concentration and mental fitness.

It is proven that too much of television also leaves a negative effect on the body and brings down its longevity. Taking a vacation and cutting down on the number of working hours helps a lot in reducing stress. Relaxing massages, aromatherapy and a visit to the spa can help in rejuvenating your soul and relaxing your mental state. All these steps help in relaxing you and increasing the number of years in your life.

The essential oils which are used in aromatherapy are also very beneficial in increasing longevity. The essential oils which have a high antioxidant capacity have a high value for longevity. Various therapeutic grade essential oils are available which are termed as longevity essential oils and some of these are Frankincense essential oil, Orange essential oil, Clove essential oil and Thyme essential oil.

These essential oil blends can also be taken internally (only upon the prescription of a practitioner) and show various benefits including stimulation and oxygenation of brain systems, relaxation and elevation of mood, overcoming stress, producing calming effects, boosting immunity, improving respiratory, digestive, nervous and other systems in the body and promoting oral health.

The spicy and herbaceous aroma of the essential oils for longevity can fight against aging and prevent formation of wrinkles which is associated with aging.

Detoxify the body
Letting the body release the toxins naturally from the body and its various systems and organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines and skin is a good way to enhance the longevity. The accumulation of toxic chemicals in the body not only increases the process of aging but also impairs the normal functioning of the immune and hormonal systems. Natural ways to remove the chemicals in the body which come from our food, water or air works well to increase the resistance of the body to diseases.

The detoxification process has a positive effect on the metabolism and alleviates any deficiencies or other imbalances produced in the body as a symptom of aging.

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