Understanding Microneedling

Innovative skin therapies are all the rage right now. We are constantly struggling for improving our skin in terms of texture and tone. There are several procedures available that work for improving skin.


All these procedures are effective to a varying degree. However, these can be a little tough on the pocket. But we have good news for ladies who are on a budget. Enter Microneedling! This innovative and natural skin procedure is nothing short of magic. The name can freak some of us out. In this article, we will explain to you all there is to know about Microneedling and you will be booking an appointment in no time. So, let us get started.

What is Microneedling?
This is the foremost question that comes to mind. People are talking about it but nobody knows the science behind it. Basically, Microneedling is a minimally invasive, natural process that is undertaken for skin-rejuvenation. This procedure is free from all use of chemicals and harmful side effects unlike other skin treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion. The process uses extremely small sized needle like structures to puncture microscopic holes into your skin. This promotes a healing reaction in your skin which in turn rectifies problems in your skin. The treatment is also known as dermarolling. This can be done by a licensed esthetician or at your dermatologists office. Some people are also of the opinion that this can be done at home and there are supplies available in the market but that is not free of danger and carries myriad risks. It is never a good idea to mess with something as serious as skin and health.

How Microneedling Work?
As we mentioned, Microneedling works by punching tiny holes into your skin. The process uses special instrument which has tiny pricks all over it. This is what gives micro injuries to your skin. Now this does two things.
1. When the skin goes through micro injuries, it sends a signal to the brain which promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin. This increase the amount of collagen in your epidermis, the outer layer of skin, which is what we owe out post-treatment glow to. More collagen, more radiance!
2. Secondly, the micro holes allow for better absorption of products into the deeper layers of your skin. This basically means that you will be getting the maximum benefit out of your serums, face creams and other face products. The deeper penetration and absorption into the skin brings about the maximum performance of the products used.

Microneedling Advantages
There are only good things to say about Microneedling. This procedure has effectively revolutionized skin rejuvenation treatments. There are myriad benefits to the procedure and we will list them here for your reference.

1. Improved skin texture is the foremost benefits of Microneedling.
2. The process works to even out your skin-tone by triggering the natural healing process of the skin and hence promoting cell rejuvenation.
3. If you are somebody who is struggling with acne scarring, this might be your solution. It has been shown to bring about improvement in skin issues like acne scars
4. Microneedling is one of the best anti-aging treatment since it helps with wrinkles. The natural healing response of the skin promotes collagen production which makes the skin smooth by getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
5. Microneedling results in better performance of your skin care products. It makes your skin care regimen twice as effective by helping the skin absorb the products better. You will notice better absorption of products like serums and facial oils, the effects of which will show up in the healthy and plump look and feel of your skin.

Frequency of Microneedling Treatment
The procedure has multiple advantages over other skin care treatments. So, anybody who wants to go for it wants to know how often they can do it. There is no solid answer to that question. This is a very relative issue. Everyone has different skin. The frequency of the treatment will largely depend on how well your skin reacts to the process. This also depends on the intensity of the treatment that you are taking. Different places use different instruments. Procedures that are done with needles that are comparatively bigger do not need to be repeated as often.

However, if you feel like your skin tolerated the treatment well and you can see good results, then it is a good idea to make it a regular visit. The process of all natural and does not uses any chemicals so you do not have to worry about ruining your skin. If your skins responded well, experts recommend it to be done around once weekly.

Who Should Go for Microneedling?
This treatment does not require you to be in a certain bad shape. If you are somebody who wished to improve their skin, then this is a good option which is safe and natural. Moreover, Microneedling is also great for people with the following skin problems;
1. Wrinkles and Lines
2. Un-even skin tone
3. Hyper Pigmentation
4. Loose Skin
5. Large Pores
6. Stretch marks
7. Acne Scarring

Microneedling is the safest answer to a multitude of skin issues. Not only is the procedure safe and natural, it also is very pocket-friendly. You can now take care of your skin without burning a hole in your pocket. So, now that all your questions have been answered, book an appointment and go get that beautiful skin!

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