Welcome to Aglow Body and Skin Spa

With an aim to provide the best of the natural therapies, Aglow was created to provide customized treatments, peaceful and serene ambiance and treatment services from skilled and top notch professionals.

aglow spa
Aglow is a wellness center presenting a unique selection of natural therapies for your skin and body to rejuvenate and revitalize your senses. The most striking feature of Aglow is the unique and balanced blend of Microcurrent technique and massage therapy.

Aglow is dedicated to enhance the comfort, relaxation and safety of all its clients by offering to them a stylish and tranquil environment, with state of the art facilities and Neurotris medical devices utilizing today’s “cutting edge patented technology.”

With a plethora of services being offered for your skin and body, Aglow is committed to provide the finest of therapies. Indulge yourself in an array of Aglow treatments for body and face all 100% natural and with proven clinical evidences.

Designed by the experts in the wellness and restorative therapies, Aglow is located in Street W, Lakeville. Aglow invites you to reconnect with nature at its serene and tranquil wellness center and emerge renewed and refreshed.