What Can A Centuries old Massage do for You?

Ayurveda is a holistic science and believes that beauty from the inside is the beauty from the outside. Ayurveda lays strong emphasis on the importance of massage and practitioners consider Ayurveda to be necessary for all creatures, animals or human.

Centuries old Massage
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Massage is important for an individual’s health, awareness and longevity. Ayurvedic massages are also essential to enhance the physical appearance to a great extent. Not only general health and appearance but scientific evidence exists to prove that Ayurvedic massage positively transforms the complexion, texture and quality of the skin. it also restores strength and vitality. Massage very effectively reduces the effects of old age and returns the youthfulness. Research has proven that massage benefits all parts of the human body.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic massage
Without using any invasive methods or subjecting your body to the harshness of chemicals, a regular massage through natural means enhances circulations, improves the immune function bringing health, vitality, youth and stamina back to you. A few benefits of the massage are:
1. Increases and enhances the blood circulation in the body.
2. It removes the toxic substances from the body.
3. It improves skin by enhancing and improving the other physiological processes in the body.
4. Helps the body in utilizing fat deposits thus helping in weight loss.

What is Marma?
You must have come across marma massage many times but do you know what it is. The literal meaning of the term “marma” is vital area. It is believed that these marma or the vital points are more prone to complications caused by an injury as compared with other parts of the body. It can be defined as an “anatomical area in the body where the flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet to form the fundamental of life and have significant and secret values. In other words all those vital areas pulsating structures are present and where pain can be felt are marma.

Marma Massage
An Ayurvedic masseur has a keen knowledge of all the marmas in the body and presses these areas for desired results. In normal conditions all 107 marmas present in the body can be massaged without more pressure for beneficial results. A regular massage of these marma points (marma massage) can heal long term physical problems and produce a rejuvenating, relaxing and stress relieving effects.

A good masseur is one who knows that a massage reaches skin deep and produces a state of relaxation and well-being. The client lies down in a supine position and massage is done slowly with applying sufficient pressure. The pressure (smooth or full pressure) is applied depending on the client. Pressure is applied on the muscles and the bones are avoided. Generally oil is used for Ayurvedic massages.

Many modern techniques such as Microcurrent massage also utilizes the same principal. The aesthetician applies Microcurrent through massages on the vital points thus enhancing the circulation and improving natural physiological processes thus enhancing the physical appearance of the skin.

Ayurvedic massage for beauty
An Ayurvedic massage adds glaze to the skin and enhances the beauty. With ageing and other disease conditions the natural rhythm of the body and the appearance of the skin will become dry, rough, ugly or thin. Massages have been known to do wonders in erasing the effect of ageing. Ayurveda claims that with good and healthy lifestyle habits and 40 days of Ayurvedic and natural massage, certain signs of old age can be minimized drastically.

The technique of Ayurvedic beauty massage
The Ayurvedic massage for beauty is initiated from the base of the spine following the spine, arms, forearms, palms and fingers ultimately concluding with neck, shoulders, face and head. Milk cream, butter and special mixtures (known as ubtans) are used for the massage which brings about the definitive effect within two weeks. The massage uses friction and this massage is empowered to not only improve the condition and complexion of the skin but also impart lightness and grace to the physical form as well. Kneading massage also removes the fat and molds the body into graceful curves. The whole experience of gentle Ayurvedic massage is soothing, pleasant and refreshing. When the natural face pack is removed, the massage with raw milk or rose water bath is given for more soothing experience. There are many natural oils for a head massage and their choice depends on the individual.

The massage is known to act on all the three body systems (circulatory, lymphatic and nervous) simultaneously and stimulate the normal physiological functioning of the body. That is how it is known to enhance the appearance and also provides relief from pain, stress or any other deformity.

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