Why is Bio-light therapy so popular?

Another profitable endeavour in the long list of natural skin care treatments is Bio-light therapy. It is a quick, painless, highly effective, non-invasive, non-ablative and natural therapy for skin rejuvenation which cures different skin conditions.

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Before I enumerate the long list of benefits and uses of Bio-light therapy, it is important to gain an insight into the mechanism of Bio-light therapy

How does the Bio-light therapy work?
The light is provided by a high intensity and multi-frequency light emitting diode or LED to treat skin issues ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage and from acne to scars and cellulite.

The bio-light therapy involves combination of different light frequencies which are activated and allow the body to gain the light energy it exactly needs to effectively treat the condition. The light energy falling on the cells causes a natural bio-stimulation of the cells and healing. The light energy increases the number and size of the collagen, improves the elastin, improve the blood and lymph circulation, and reduce the inflammation. It improves the cellular metabolism and facilitates the healing of the cells.

A multidimensional therapy
The bio-light therapy is multidimensional by function. By altering the frequency of light energy, different results can be achieved. The three basic light energies are;
1. RED light LED: This increases the flow of lymph and also causes a photo rejuvenation of the skin.
2. BLUE light LED: This light energy is mainly used in the treatment of acne.
3. RED light LED: Red light is known to enhance blood circulation and stimulation of collagen protein. This light energy is most appropriate for the rejuvenation of scalp tissue.

Various light combinations are used in the treatment of different problems and for various skin benefits. The clinical recommendations for the use of different light frequency combinations in skin treatment are described below;

Light combination used Function
Red light Anti-aging, cure for rosacea and flushing, stimulating collagen protein, smoothens skin
Blue light Acne treatment, clears and soothes skin, anti-inflammatory
Yellow light Photo rejuvenation of skin, enhances lymph and blood circulation
Red +Blue light Acne treatment, clears and soothes skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, reduces chances of scarring
Red + Yellow light Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, clears blemishes and cure spots, enhance the formation of collagen, improves elastin, rejuvenate skin
Blue + Yellow light Treats acne, smoothens skin, anti-aging, photo rejuvenation of skin

Uses of Bio- light therapy
LED light therapy is found to be useful for various skincare treatments which include;
1. Facial rejuvenation: It causes stimulation of the fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and promotes healthier, firmer looking skin.
2. Skin toning: It is used in the reduction of or diminishing the appearance of sun spots, redness or discoloration of the skin. It promotes even skin tone.
3. Acne: It is used to treat the acne, diminish the blemishes on the face, inflammation and redness associated with it.
4. Scars and stretch marks: Bio-light therapy is used to reduce and diminish the appearance of superficial scars and stretch marks.
5. Cellulite: It is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and also helps in increasing the blood circulation in the superficial tissues.
6. Skin lightening: Bio-light therapy is used to lead the skin to a more toned appearance by lightening the tissue.
7. Skin repair and treatment of sun burn: Bio-light therapy is used in soothing the sun burnt skin, promote the blood circulation and increase the rate of skin repair.
8. Acute and chronic cases of discomfort: Bio-light therapy is also used in the treatment of hair loss and it also causes hair growth. It not only enhances and facilitates the absorption of skin care products but also treats the LASER induced trauma to the skin.

Benefits of Bio-light therapy
Bio-light therapy is one of the great natural skin care treatments to result in a beautiful rejuvenated skin care and is associated with a great range of benefits.
1. It accelerates the repair and healing of the skin by promoting the formation of collagen protein. Research studies have revealed that this production cans go up to 400%.
2. It causes the elastin protein layer to help it regain its glue like nature. It is a great remedy to reduce the appearance of the scars, stretch marks, sun spots, acne and blemishes.
3. It is very helpful in increasing the rate at which wound healing occurs. It regenerates the injured, damaged or diseased cells to their healthy state. It enhances blood circulation, transfer of the nutrients, oxygenation and hydration.
4. It also brings about the detoxification of body by eliminating toxic waste and free radicals. It is a gentle, safe and effective treatment to reduce or alleviate the signs of a wide range of conditions. The procedure is natural, non-invasive and non-ablative in nature. It is safe and painless technique which can address a wide range of skin related problems or conditions.
5. The treatment is easily affordable. It is much less expensive when compared with other light based therapies for skin rejuvenation and treatment. There is no downtime associated with the therapy.
6. It is unique because it uses six types of specific light frequencies or their combinations for clinical intervention of the skin problems.
7. There is no risk of the burning of the skin.
8. Large skin areas can be treated in very short periods of time.
9. It is not only suitable for all skin types but there is no special care needed after the therapy is done.

Hence, only after a few brief treatments, you can witness a definite improvement in the appearance of your skin. This comfortable, non-invasive and completely natural therapy is thus gaining quick popularity.

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