Why Micro-needling is the best option

It is a hard decision to choose which option is best for your skin and which is the least invasive. Do you go with chemical peels or good old fashion exfoliation? Which products are best to use for your aftercare routine? All these questions run through your head and I am about to explain to you why you should choose Micro-needling as your solution to your skin problems.


Fine lines and wrinkles are a woman’s worst nightmare. We all rush to get Botox injected into our face to paralyze our muscles so that the wrinkles won’t be visible. How healthy can that be for our bodies? Botox is basically a concentrated formula of Botulinum toxin A which is from a Bacteria that is deadly to humans. It is injected into the muscle to paralyze it. This then creates the illusion that the wrinkles are gone because the muscle does not move the skin anymore. Once the Botox begins to wear off, you will need to go back for more treatments. Some people have allergic reactions to the procedure and this can be alarmingly dangerous as people have gone into shock or worse. Still want to run to that Botox treatment? Micro-needling however is non-invasive and you do not need to inject foreign matter into your muscles creating a non-natural effect. Micro-needling tricks your body into healing itself by placing small puncture holes in the skin allowing the skin to treat and repair itself. The use of serums on the skin after the treatment will help enhance the treatment to its full potential, leaving you a happy client that does not have poison running through your muscles.

Chemical peels are the next best thing or so everyone thinks. Chemical Peels and Micro-needling are the most popular non-surgical procedures done all over the world today. Chemical peels are based on the concept of damaging the skin in a controlled manner. A strong acid solution is applied to the skin so that the skin can ‘shed’ the dead, damaged layers of the skin allowing new, healthy skin cells to grow. This acid mask is then washed off or counteracted with a neutralizing solution that stops the acid from burning into your skin. After the treatment, people experience moderate to extensive peeling a few days after the treatment. Depending how strong the peel is, will depend on how much skin peeling will take place. This does not sound like fun. Your skin is red and irritated, feels itchy all the time and there is a down time period whereby you would not want to go out even if you could. No-one wants their skin color to match the color of the tomato in the salad they about to eat. Chemical peels damage the top layer of your skin also known as the Epidermis. The extent of the damage is unknown until the peeling and flaking of the skin has stopped. Micro-needling does not harm the top layer of the skin and there is no down time after your Micro-needling session. There are no harmful substances that are applied to your skin that peels your skin’s layers off one by one. Micro-needling alongside a aftercare routine, will leave your skin feel fresh, new and rejuvenated without using substances that can harm your skin more than heal your skin.

To conclude all the non-surgical procedures done worldwide can help you view yourself in a better and more confident way however, Micro-needling is the best option because it is less invasive which results in less down time. After your session, you can go and give that big presentation at work and not worry about your face looking like a tomato. Micro-needling also allows your body to heal itself naturally without the use of chemicals and poisons. There is no need to paralyze your face every few months or burn your skin using acids. Micro-needling punctures thousands of little holes into your skin which then your body races to repair with the use of Collagen and Elastin fibres. With the help of serums and a proper aftercare routine, you will love your skin once again. So, I encourage you all to choose Micro-needling and you will not be disappointed with the results that you receive

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