Why should we use rose water for cleansing face?

Rose water is one of the great beauty ingredients and is used in different ways for skin treatments. The best thing about rose water is that it is suitable for all types of skins.

rose water for cleansing face

It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties due to which it is very effective in removing the basic skin problems. Rose water is very helpful in balancing, toning, soothing, and moisturizing the skin, keeping you refreshed and rejuvenated. Some of the useful beauty tips of rose water for cleansing face are as follows:

  • Instead of plain water, use rose water to prepare the face-masks as it helps to enhance the effectiveness due to the moisturizing and natural cleansing properties.
  • Rose water is normally used directly on the skin as a cleanser to remove dirt and oil from deep inside the skin. The presence of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the rose water helps to get rid of infections as well. In addition, it trims down the problems related to acne and pimples.
  • Pat rose water gently on the face and use it as a toner. If done on a regular basis, a significant diminishing of open pores will be noticed within a few days. Furthermore, rose water keeps the skin hydrated and provides a youthful look.
  • The sensitive skin can be best treated with rose water as it soothes and cools it. On the other hand, the oily skin can be balanced and toned well with the help of rose water.
  • Naturally, rose water has cleansing and astringent properties, which are very useful in tightening the pores, reducing wrinkles, skin inflammation, and fine lines.
  • One of the best ways to use rose water is to apply it on the face before going to bed. This helps to remove all the impurities that are collected in the skin of face throughout the day.
  • Rose water consists of all the essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, B3, C, D, and E. In addition, it has flavonoids, antioxidants, tannins, zinc, and important minerals, which are all very helpful to get a glowing and lively skin.

Rose water as a moisturizing cream
Rose water can be used as an excellent moisturizing cream. Simply add a few drops of rose water in the usual moisturizer and mix it well. This mixture is suitable for dry as well as oily skin as it helps to maintain the balance of PH of the skin and also fights off different types of dermatitis.

Cleansing face with rose water and glycerin
One of the awesome remedies for a healthy skin is to cleanse the face with glycerin and rose water. It is particularly very effective for dry and acne skin. This mixture should be used on a daily basis in order to get maximum results. However, do not forget to apply a good moisturizer or toner after cleansing. Normally, rose water is mixed along with sandalwood for treating skin marks and scars. This paste is applied on the skin unless it dries and then rinses with warm water. In the same way, rose water and lemon juice is an excellent skin tonic and is quite useful in reducing acne and pimples.

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