Why Should You Chose Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures over Invasive Procedures

There is a wide range of choice for someone who is looking for means to look younger, beautiful and rejuvenated. The invasive and non-invasive therapies available in the market make it difficult to choose one particular treatment for you. But the current trend is suggestive of the fact that there is an ever rising interest in the non-invasive treatments.

non invasive cosmetic

If you want to know what non-invasive surgery is then it can be described as a cosmetic surgery which does not require cutting into or incising with the help of instruments to penetrate the client’s body. There are many non-invasive procedures which are used in cosmetic procedures such as removal of wrinkles, reducing the cellulite or extra layers of stubborn fat, get you those fuller lips, brow lifts, neck lift, forehead lift, mid face lift, eyelid surgery, chin surgery or a clear, glowing complexion.

Reduces risk
One of the most important facets of a non-invasive surgery is that it brings down the risk factor by a large extent. There is no worry of losing blood, getting incisions on the body or puncturing a blood vessel. Another important thing is that there is a reduced risk of wound infections since the procedure is non-invasive in nature and no foreign particle enters your body. Added to this there are no open wounds or cuts which may allow for the growth of bacterial infections.

Faster recovery
With all the non-invasive therapies and procedures, the recovery time needed is very less and patients can resume their life in no time. In most of the cases the clients can go back to their active life within 2 weeks of time. The rate of recoveries of non-invasive procedures is very fast and there is very less downtime required. There is a very less risk of the development of scar tissue. After most of the procedures, the clients can go to work immediately the very same day as the procedure. Some of the procedures such as non-surgical eye lift, non-surgical face lift, may require 2 to 3 days of recovery due to some mild bruising but it is in stark contrast to invasive procedures which may take months for recovery.

No pain
The procedures are mostly painless and the clients do not develop any side effects. There is no significant pain which is involved in these procedures. These procedures make use of certain topical ointments or creams or in some cases a small injection of lidocaine which is an anaesthetic agent.

Cosmetic results
The results of the non-surgical treatments are temporary in nature and do not involve the removal of skin, muscle or bone, and hence the results adapt to your face with time. The changes are limited to the exact regions on the face and the effects of the cosmetic non-surgery are limited to exactly the changes that are expected.

Lesser procedure time
The time taken for the non-invasive therapies take approximately 30 minutes and are also not associated with lengthy preparation times. In contrast, surgical procedures can take days for the entire procedure. Also the number of multiple sessions needed for a procedure makes the effects last for longer durations.

Lesser cost
The cost of the non- invasive procedures is almost a fraction of the cosmetic surgeries. There are no hidden costs of the surgical procedure and no involvement of the hospitalization charges and other similar expenditures. The non-surgical procedures have a wider reach and can be easily accessed by the average client.

So next time, you want to correct the damage of aging, rejuvenate your tired skin, smoothen the fine lines on your face or even remove unwanted hair on your body, go for a complete consultation with your aesthetician and choose a non-invasive procedure best suited for your needs as it is definitely superior over the cosmetic surgery.

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