Yoga Asanas for a Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Many people practicing Yoga must have told you that one of the benefits of regularly practicing yoga is healthy and glowing skin. If you have been wondering if it is possible, then it is important to tell you that it is not a far-fetched dream anymore. You can be the owner of a young and glowing skin without the use of any harmful chemicals or expensive products.

Yoga Asanas for a Beautiful Glowing Skin

Regular practice of Yoga asana has been said to be one of the most important cornerstones of creating a healthy and good looking skin. Yoga not only cleanses the system from inside but it also helps in improving as well as aligning the functions of the body skin to generate overall good health which is reflected on the skin. Ayurveda practitioners have also promoted Yoga, meditation and a healthy natural diet for a great skin.

Yoga Postures
Aglowbrings to you 5 yoga asanas which will not only help in improving health but also do wonders for your skin.

Breathing exercises
Breathing exercises help you in controlling your breathing that will rejuvenate your mind which is also the reason for the popularity of this yoga asana. It is a great way to release stress and also helps you in getting control over your mind.

The correct posture to perform this yoga is to sit on floor with legs crossed, eyes closed, relaxed body and normal breathing. You should breathe deeply through the nostrils by counting 10, hold your breath and again count till 10. This breathing technique should be practiced for 5 to 10 minutes.

Headstand or ‘Shirshasana’ is a yoga asana which might seem to be difficult but if practised correctly and regularly, goes a long way in helping you to achieve a glowing and radiant skin. It works by increasing the blood flow towards your skin since during performing this asana, you are standing on your head. The headstand has been known to stimulate a face lift by physically allowing your skin to hang in the opposite direction since it is reversing the flow of gravity. In addition, the inverted position during the asana is also instrumental in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the face which is responsible for the glowing effect on the skin.

The correct way to perform this yoga is to use a yoga mat (those who are starting may use a stack of blanket for a soft support to the head), sit on the floor in kneel-down position, keep your spine straight and hands on the knees, breathe normally and relax. This is followed by interlocking your palms in front of you by keeping the elbows on the floor, positioning the head between the interlocked fingers and then lifting the body in the mountain position. Once you have learnt to achieve stability in this pose and can do it with ease, promote to the next step in which you lift your head, lift up your hips and standing on your toes try to lift up one leg off the floor slowly and steadily. After lifting one leg, try lifting the other leg too. While coming out of the posture, bend your knees and bring down one leg and then the other leg. Beginners should always take help of yoga trainers or experts to master the posture.

Plough pose
Also known as ‘Halasana’ this posture is also great for skin.
It is performed lying down straight on your yoga mat and placing your arms on your side with your palms facing the floor. Gradually lift your legs from the floor forming a right angle between your upper and lower torso. Push the floor with your hands so that your legs can be lifted easily in the next step, bring your legs more towards your upper torso and then lift your hips off the floor supporting and balancing yourself with the help of your hands. Follow this with continuing to lift your legs and bring it beyond your head so as to touch the floor with your toes. Lift your back further to allow your shoulder and head to rest on the floor, forming an arch with your back. Straighten your spine and support the two sides of your waist with your hands, elbows on the ground. Hold this posture with normal breathing for 15 to 30 seconds before returning to the normal position.

The wheel pose
The wheel pose or the ‘standing chakrasana’ yoga is not only for a great skin but also helps in reducing the fat from your cheeks.

The correct posture of this yoga pose is to stand erect with your feet apart and in a parallel position. Keep your hands interlocked in front of you and inhale by raising your hands in upward direction and bending it backwards. While bending forward, and swing your arms by exhaling and interlock your fingers at the back and pull towards your head. Inhale while returning to the starting position.

The bow pose
Also referred to as ‘Dhanurvakrasana’ is an important yoga posture for achieving a beautiful and healthy skin.

During the posture, lie down flat on your stomach with legs stretched out and keeping your arms by your side. Follow this by bending your legs and catch your ankles and also pull your ankles and raise your legs. Inhale, raise your head and neck upward, hold the position and exhale while returning to the starting position.

Yogic Facial Massage
Yogic facial massage is another technique which has excellent benefits in stimulating facial nerves, relaxing & de-stressing and in the process creates a natural, beautiful glow.

The correct way for yogic massage is to gently as well as firmly massage your forehead with the help of your fingers beginning from the message from the center of your forehead till the temples. Pinch your eyebrows along their complete length and repeat it three to four times. Follow this by massaging around your eyes in circular motion, cheeks in outward strokes and neck in upward strokes.

For the yogic facial massage, there is no need to use any cosmetic products and only gentle massage will suffice in improving the blood flow as well as in improving the health of the skin.
Regularly practice these yoga poses and the yogic facial massage for attaining a beautiful and healthy skin. Beginners should always take help of a trainer or a Yoga expert to accurately form the yoga poses and to master them.

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